Monday, June 8, 2020

Medallion Madness Month June 2020

Medallion Madness Month - Facebook group

This is a one-month-per-year painting event. However, this group is specific to medallions! Every June we will all come together to paint our medallions, share our painting tips and tricks, learn, and most importantly, have fun!

This painting challenge was in June and because I was working on my Albert and Victoria Resin for the Monthly Model Painting Challenge (blog here) and it worked for this challenge too.

Started them June 1 and completed them on June 8, 2020.

The final product was Kylo and Rey - Darkness Rises and Light to Meet It. 

Monthly Model Horse Painting Challenge - June 2020

Model Monthly Painting Challenge - Facebook Group

This was great for me because at the same time - Medallion Madness Month was going on at the same time and I had a great idea that worked for both challenges! 

My Albert and Victoria Resin set had not been painted and I was excited to paint them with my idea. 

On June 1, I started my project. It went quickly as I am done today (June 8) - it all just fell into place. 

With the help of some friends, I worked on the plaque and this is how Kylo and Rey came to be - Darkness Rises and Light to meet it. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Monthly Model Horse Painting Challenge - May 2020

Model Monthly Painting Challenge - Facebook Group

I skipped the April challenge because it was titled "All about Me" and was pretty much what I had based my NaMoPaiMo horse on. So I waited eagerly for May's challenge. 

I managed to find all of my painting supplies after my move and get my art table set up and I managed to complete 2 items for this challenge - they are both the round medallions from The Jennifer Show 2019. 

Monday, April 27, 2020

International Model Tack Month, Pandemic and Moving - April 2020

Put my registration in on Sunday, March 15.

I decided to do a Medieval Jousting Costume for my SM G1 Drafter. This was a Renaissance Faire Style Costume based on images from Kansas City Renaissance Faire when I worked there in my teens and twenties. 

And then everything changed on April 1, 2020  - besides the pandemic - I received a text message from my landlords that they "had a change of circumstances" and were giving me 30 days notice to vacate the premise. There was a notice at the top of the stairs (I lived in a basement apartment.)

That started a friend networking of finding a place to live. I managed to get a storage unit on April 3 and start moving all my stuff to storage. It's very stressing to be moving by yourself during the middle of a pandemic! 

I managed to find a WONDERFUL place with the help of friends. A cabin in the woods with a view of the  mountains out my living room window!! 

I am just very thankful for the help from Pam, Kathleen, Morgan, Candy, Deidra, Ellen, Renne and for everyone's well wishes and support. 

Sadly, I have not gotten to work on my model horse project and am working the next 3 days, so will not be able to even start it. It's been an interesting month. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Circle C Artist Challenge 2020 - Microbe Challenge

Circle C Artist Challenge - here

The people have spoken! We will have not 1 but TWO contests... one for the kiddies who need to be busy and one for the rest of us.
First is PAINT YOUR FAVORITE MICROBE!! Inspired by everyone's new rule maker COVID 19, you can choose a healthy or dangerous microbe...
Two categories, one is repaint only and one is CMd. No limits on what you use or how you do it and to be more fun lets make the deadline 4/15 Tax Day! Wheeeee....
Prizes? I will find something... maybe plush virus? Early bird entries will vie for prizes like a bar of soap and a roll of toilet paper!
Seriously, no rulz! Doesnt have to be a model if you dont have a body, use an empty tp roll! Make it fun folks, this is not to downplay the seriousness of the world around us but a chance to occupy some time and give yr brain a break.
Fantasy Microbes and made up microbes are allowed.

So I made up my own microbe. It's called Equum Noxia Amabam which is Latin for Toxic Hobby Horse.

The Equum Noxia Amabam (Caballo de Aficion Toxico in Spanish) is the microbe that enters model horse hobbyists and makes them spew toxic rhetoric into the world. The Equum Noxia Amabam comes out of the toxic waste of the world and transforms into a beautiful horse or item in the hobby that makes everyone covet it and it makes people spew toxic words about other hobbyists and collectors. When Equum Noxia Amabam is done, he sinks back into the toxic ooze from which he came. The microbe can last a long time in the world and there is little known defense against it. 

 This was a fun event to do!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Trip to Kansas March 3-12

This trip was both work and pleasure. 

Flew in on Tuesday, March 3 to MCI (KC International) and spent until Sunday, March 8 at the Kansas City and Leavenworth Kennel Clubs dog shows doing IT work and Candid photography for Photos By Lennah, LLC





Then I went to Valley Falls to see my mom and get pictures of mom's dogs. 

And a pic with mom 

Then at the airport  coming home on Thursday March 12 it was more dogs

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

NaMoPaiMo - National Model Painting Month - February 2020

The month of February 2020, I am participating in the Facebook group NaMoPaiMo - National Model Painting Month - this is a model horse painting group and it's always great to see what people do! (This will be a very image heavy blog).

Here are the Rules - if you are interested - NAMOPAIMO RULES

Here is a picture of my donations that I am sending to NaMoPaiMo. 

I was not very excited about NaMo this year and my piece is going to be a very dark, disturbing piece. See my blog here

I spent an afternoon getting my work space ready. 

And then I spent an afternoon working on the model I finally decided on. She is a vision of me - my pretty side I show to the world and the ugly side I keep to myself. 

I will show the off-side when I get her painted. 

January 11th was a NaMo Prep Party - see my blog here

I completed Registration on January 12th. 

Then February 1st was the start of it ALL! 

And here is the official photo of all the entrants!! 

February 8th was a NaMo on the Front Range - I could not make it due to the snow and a back issue. I hated missing it. 

Jennifer posted a great blog on the Stats of NaMoPaiMo - here 

I went for several days without painting. I get in funks like this where it just doesn't seem important to want to be in the model horse hobby at times. I have been in it since 1982 and feel like i haven't come far at all when i see so many talented artists younger and better than me. My NaMo model is me - I am doing a blog only on her. Her good side and her bad. 

Final piece completed on 2/24/2020 - see her blog here