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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Favorite Artist Series - Digital Artist Patricia Sobral


Patricia Sobral

Patricia Sobral is an amazingly talented digital artist. She freehand draws the art then colors it using photoshop elements and a digital drawing pad. She has posted videos of how her art is done to show that she doesn't just trace and paint a picture, she actually draws it. She also does pencil drawings and acrylic and/or oil paintings as well. 

We met on Livejournal around 2002 and then moved to Deviantart. Patricia's work has only ever improved over the years and her talent is amazing. We finally met in person in 2011 when she came to where I lived in Platte City, Missouri and then again in 2013 when she came to Estes Park, Colorado.

Patricia and Melissa 2013 Colorado

She has done logos for companies, art work for actors, musicians, etc and fan art work, as well as people's pets and many other works too. Her commission books are open and if you want a nice piece of artwork, she's well worth the time and funds. You can find her at ART BY PATRICIA

Here are some of my favorite pieces that she's done: 

And I have do have pieces by Patricia too. 

Me with a horse in snow

My lovely Gabby the Tabby

Me on her Tarot Card Deck

A fun picture of Patricia and me as HP characters

Friday, November 27, 2020

Favorite Artist Series - Model Horse Artist Molly Pengra

Molly with her horse My Dun Cruiser (Kid)

I met Molly Pengra of MP3 Model Horses and Tack around 2007 when I was holding American Heartland Live Show in Platte City, Missouri. 

It was a pretty instant friendship and we have had a lot of fun times since then. 

She is one of those hobby artists that does amazing work that has won several NAN cards, but she seems to be on the fringe of the hobby. Her books just recently closed, not due to hobby people filling them up, but real horse owners that want portraits of their horses. 

Molly works in pastels, pencils and acrylics and does a fantastic job in all colors. She has also made tack. Many of her pieces have NAN qualified for their owners as well as top ten'd at NAN. 

Molly has been a show holder of several live shows over the years and always works to bring new blood to the hobby. She is always pushing for youth and novice showers to join in the fun. 

She has held virtual meet ups through most of the summer of 2020 to get hobby people working on models and communing with each other because there aren't any live shows to attend right now. They are always fun as the hobbyists that join share painting ideas and help each other out. 

I have a few models and tack my Molly. Her attention to detail is amazing. 

Burn This - ASB weanling filly in chestnut

Alas Grey Earl - dapple grey Arabian

Felix Felicis - Jumping Jack Resin to Appaloosa

Felix Felicis - Jumping Jack Resin with base and jump all done by Molly

Flash in the Sky - Paint mare

Classic scale Western Saddle Set

Keep an eye out on Molly's offerings, her work is always something you need in you collection.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Favorite Artist Series - Model Horse Artist Morgan Haberman


Morgan with Brenda Batty Atty

I met Morgan Haberman around 1999 or 2000. She is the owner of Brenda Batty Atty - the brindle horse that so many people in the hobby copy for the brindle patterns on their horses. 

Morgan and Melissa meeting up in 2020 and playing it safe

Brenda Batty Atty

She owns Brindle Horse Productions and has done so many brindles over the years as well as tack and artist resins. I have been truly blessed over time to own a few of her customs - she does not do a lot of customs, her brindles take a lot of time and energy. She doesn't have open commission books any longer sadly. 

She did three artist resins - Asti, Bat Girl and Miss Penny: 

Miss Penny
Bat Girl

These are some of the wonderful brindles she has done:

Morgan and I sat in her basement and looked at Bones McCoy resins that we both had. After seeing Harry Potter and falling in love with Thestrals, she and I created  the first Thestrals.
Morgan's 1st Thestral

My 1st Thestral

These are the customs done by Morgan that I have I have been able to own . 

Riabhach - the brindle Unicorn

Holey Dry Peppy - model of real horse

Jay Spark BeBe - model of real horse

Feather - model of real dog

American Idol - champagne Brindle Miniature Horse

Live showing with Morgan is always an experience and in the 2005-2010's she started the UNNATURAL trail set up. I have never been this ambitious in my set ups! hahaha. She is always adding new and exciting things to it, so each time it comes out there's something more. She has a traditional and classic scale set up. 

Unnatural Trail - Classic Edition

UnNatural Trail - Lions and Tigers and Bears - OH My

Morgan is one of the nicest hobby people. She is always willing to help others and especially new showers with their setups. She is one of those hidden hobby treasures. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Monthly Model Painting Challenge - November 2020

 Model Monthly Painting Challenge - Facebook Group 

I was considering what to do and it took a whole probably 30 seconds. I am thankful this month for the firefighters who risked their lives to save the Estes Valley from the East Troublesome Fire (Thompson Zone). 

This is the model I started with -the Breyer Stablemate Warmblood/Driving Horse. 

I cut strips from the local newspapers and did my Thank You FireFighters model. 

Thank you Firefighters for saving my home, my town and my favorite National Park!!!