Friday, June 1, 2018

2018 Wellness Program - Challenge 13 - Recognize Others

This challenge was to Recognize Others.  Fill out a Kudo for a co-worker or nominate someone to be the Wellness Employee of the Month.

I did both.

I did a Kudo for my co-worker Ellen Meinking for constantly answering her phone at all hours when something at work happens that I have never dealt with before. Being another night shift ER Admitting worker - she knows the challenges that I face and is always willing to help.

I did a Kudo for my supervisor Ellen Roach for being the kind of boss who "has your back" in a tough situation. She makes you feel appreciated and encourages the best from her employees.

I nominated fellow employee Pam Duemig for being a great team captain and leader for our Walking Challenge (#6) and for putting in the most miles each week. She was encouraging and inspiring. I thought she deserved the month to be recognized by all employees.

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