Sunday, September 30, 2018

2018 Wellness Program - Challenge 18 - Electronics Free Day

I chose September 30, 2018 for my Electronics free day.

Part of the reason is the constant barrage of negative activity on social media and the news. I chose a day where there was nothing I needed to do in the way of obligations.

There were three questions that were asked in the challenge - here are my answers.

1) What did your electronics free day consist of? 

  • Going to church
  • Walking around Lake Estes Trail
  • Working on art projects
  • Reading a book
  • Sleeping

2) Was it challenging not to use electronics?

Yes - very much so. I don't have an alarm clock and I use the phone or ipad as an alarm - so I woke up at 9:15. I made it to church by 10:05 (church starts at 10) and I hate being late, so it really didn't start my day well. I use it for picture taking when I walk, as well as to have 911 service. I use it to take picture of my art. I don't have a home phone, just the cell, so couldn't really call anyone and I read a lot on my ipad. While I have tons of hardcover books and love them - it's so easy to just grab the ipad to read.

3) Did you have any set backs?

Yes. I wanted to go from 11 PM Saturday September 29 to 5 AM Monday October 1. I made it until 6 PM Sunday night September 30. It was frustrating to realize how dependent I am on the technology for everything I do and as a barrier between myself and others when I am not feeling very social. And I felt very cute off from the world.

I think this was a great exercise and I want to try it for shorter times - maybe 8 hours or so on a non-work day. I think I tried to much to soon, because seriously - technology is an addiction. I think it is good to unplug for a day and I can see trying this one day a month just to reset myself.

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