Wednesday, November 14, 2018

2018 Wellness Program - Challenge 4 - Expand Your Horizons

This challenge was to attend two or more seminars during the year that are put on for free at EPMC.

I attended the January State of Slim seminar. This was an interesting program about the STATE OF SLIM weight loss program.

I missed the Introduction to Meditation in February due to having worked the night before and then working the night of the seminar - when you work nights - waking up during the day for a seminar when you are needing to sleep sometimes doesn't happen.

I missed the Heart Math in March for the same reason as the February one. This one was supposed to be video taped and posted online but never was. Neither was February. 

I missed the April Active at Altitude because the seminar date and time was posted the morning of the event and I was not on duty to know about it. Again - no video taken or posted of this event. 

I missed the May Mental Health seminar for the same reason as the February, March and April. 

I missed the June presentation for the same reason as Feb, Mar, Apr and May. 

I missed the July presentation for the same reason as June. It's very hard to work at night and then try to get to a seminar the next day when you need to sleep because you are on that night too. 

The August seminar on Debunking Diet Myths was informative and I learned some new things about dieting that I did not know. 

The September Seminar on The Power of Habit was very good - I had no idea a habit takes 28 days to form but even longer to break. 

Oct - none ever posted - so unable to attend. 

Nov - class was not held

Dec  - none posted

The seminars being on Thursday or Friday make it very difficult to attend to get credit for when I work over night and am sleeping at the times of the seminars. 

Perhaps if some were scheduled on Monday. Tuesday or Wednesday it would be easier for some people to attend. Or each month a different day so there are more chances for NIGHT SHIFT WORKERS to attend. 

Also, if seminars were filmed and posted on the Wellness page for the hospital so that they could be watched and then signed off on would be a bonus to those of us that work nights and can not make it to these events, no matter the date/time scheduled. 

The Wellness page has had the same information and video up for several months now with no new posting of any seminars. 

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