Saturday, December 8, 2018

2018 Wellness Program - Challenge 5 - Get involved in Your Community

This is the Community Service Challenge - either competing in a community event (5K, bike race, marathon) or by doing community service.

This challenge I think I have covered pretty well.

I serve the Estes Park community as an Auxiliary Police Officer, as well as singing in a local all women's choir (MountainAires) and volunteering at the Pet Association of Estes Park.

The MountainAires women's chorus meets once per week to practice in the Spring from January to May and in the Fall from September to December. Practice runs one hour per week plus a sectional practice that is 1-2 hours during the course of spring or fall and then there is a concert in May and December for Prospect Park Living Center (done at the Center), Good Samaritan (done at the Center) and then the main concert held at the Presbyterian Church of the Rockies or the Mountain View Bible Fellowship. I also personally handle the Facebook page for the group posting pictures and concert dates/etc.

2018 hours for MountainAires: 31

MountainAires Women's Chorus

The Pet Association of Estes Park is the animal rescue in Estes Park. I have walked dogs and sat with kitties waiting to be adopted. It's therapeutic for myself and the animals.

2018 hours for Pet Association of EP: 6

Estes Park Police Auxiliary - information on the auxiliary can be found here 
 For 2018 I did the Citizen's Police Academy (see the blog I did on it), did Fingerprinting, Police Ride-a-Long, Comm Center "sit-a-long", Community Cafe, Foot and Community Patrol, Community Clean up, Duck Race, Safety Fair, Driver Training, Monthly Meetings, Rodeo Parade and Patrol, Scott Fest parade and Patrol, Blue Santa, and other community events.

2018 hours for Auxiliary as of 12/13/18: 155

Please note all totals were as of December 13, 2018 when the wellness challenge ended. Some will have more hours past that until the end of December.

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