Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Jennifer Show 2019 Part 1

I have been SO excited for this model horse show! There are a ton of great showers coming and I am so excited to see how my little herd competes with some of the top in the hobby. A 2 day show with all these great people is just so awesome and I have been working hard on models and tack and other things for this show.

Meghan Namaste and I decided to be roomies and she found us a great little AirBnB for much cheaper than any of the hotels in the area.

Entry fee Paid and Table selected!! Now it's time to work on projects - tack, models and set ups! I am so excited. 

Then it was packing time! 

I work the next two nights, sleep 1/2 day on Friday and then drive down to Denver area for the show. More to come! 

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