Monday, September 16, 2019

The Jennifer Show Part 2

So I got off work Friday the 13th at 6 am, headed home, slept for 4 hours and then packed my truck will all my model stuff and headed down the mountain after running some errands to the AirBnB that Meghan Namaste and Christine Jordan and I were sharing! 

It was a nice place in Aurora about 15 minutes away from the show hall in a quiet neighbor and was a WONDERFUL price. 

We were up and on our way early on Saturday as we needed to run to Walmart to bring food stuffs to the show and then breakfast for us before heading to the show hall. 

I will say that I have shown models for 30 years and this is the LARGEST show that I have ever attended. 

I will admit that my ADHD kicked in with all the noise and people and it was a bit stressing for me on Saturday to the point I had to sit out a few performance classes I was going to show in because I was pretty shaky. 

The competition was tough and with all my models and two proxy models I might have been overwhelmed on Saturday so I am going to apologize if I was snappish because I was really floundering about. 

My first Medallion came with my little Jumping Jack Resin painted by Molly Pengra in the Other Performance division doing his Miniature Horse Halter Obstacle - someone gave me a LOVE medallion. 


My little Tiger Horse was 3rd in the Decorator Stablemate Custom class. 


My Thestral won 2nd place in the Custom Stablemate Fantasy class.

My Custom glaze Fantasy Chinas got first and second.


By around 1 PM my space looked like a Kansas Tornado had come through it.


I did not place in performance as there were so many great entries and my Custom Stablemates and Traditionals did not place either as the classes had tons of horses. We did not leave the show hall until almost 10 PM and back to the AirBnB to crash and burn, it was so exhausting.

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