Friday, September 20, 2019

The Jennifer Show Part 3

I only slept about 4 hours on Saturday night because I had an allergic reaction to a down comforter at the AirBnB - nothing like breathing difficulty to start the day off.

Sunday was Artist Resin and Micro Mini day. I had very limited of each so I was able to wander the tables and see all the goodies others had out.

My Micro Mini Hazel Resin painted by Stephanie Blaylock won her class.

                                        No photo description available.
My Micro Proud Mary Resin that I painted myself received a 3rd and a 4th in Workmanship and breed.

                                       No photo description available.
My model of my real TWH mare Aspen received a third place.

                                    No photo description available.
My Pipsqueak Resin by Sara Gifford was first in Mini Artist Resin Fantasy.

My Mini Thunderbutt Resin that I did myself was 4th in Mini Artist Resin Fantasy.

My Micro Mini Draft custom that I painted was third.

So not a bad day overall, considering the bumpy start.

Loaded up the truck and crashed at the AirBnB. It was an exhausting but fun weekend.

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