Tuesday, February 25, 2020

NaMoPaiMo - National Model Painting Month - February 2020

The month of February 2020, I am participating in the Facebook group NaMoPaiMo - National Model Painting Month - this is a model horse painting group and it's always great to see what people do! (This will be a very image heavy blog).

Here are the Rules - if you are interested - NAMOPAIMO RULES

Here is a picture of my donations that I am sending to NaMoPaiMo. 

I was not very excited about NaMo this year and my piece is going to be a very dark, disturbing piece. See my blog here

I spent an afternoon getting my work space ready. 

And then I spent an afternoon working on the model I finally decided on. She is a vision of me - my pretty side I show to the world and the ugly side I keep to myself. 

I will show the off-side when I get her painted. 

January 11th was a NaMo Prep Party - see my blog here

I completed Registration on January 12th. 

Then February 1st was the start of it ALL! 

And here is the official photo of all the entrants!! 

February 8th was a NaMo on the Front Range - I could not make it due to the snow and a back issue. I hated missing it. 

Jennifer posted a great blog on the Stats of NaMoPaiMo - here 

I went for several days without painting. I get in funks like this where it just doesn't seem important to want to be in the model horse hobby at times. I have been in it since 1982 and feel like i haven't come far at all when i see so many talented artists younger and better than me. My NaMo model is me - I am doing a blog only on her. Her good side and her bad. 

Final piece completed on 2/24/2020 - see her blog here

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