Monday, February 24, 2020

Sweet Melissa - my NaMoPaiMo 2020 Horse

I have done several blogs this month for NaMoPaiMo - Mostly because this year the idea of NaMoPaiMo really was whether or not I wanted to stay in the hobby or not. 

In January, I did the blog on ADHD and being an artist. Then there were my February blogs on NaMoPaiMo  and MinisPaintingMinis

This blog is about my decision to do my NaMo horse as a reflection of how I see myself. One side is the pretty side I try to show to the world, the other is the beast that lives in my mind; the thing I see in the mirror everyday that whispers all those horrible things to me. 

The pretty side I show the world - even in the prepping stage.

I only posted the in progress pictures of the "good" side. It wasn't until she was completed that I showed ALL sides. 

This is her completed side. She is beautiful and the "perfect" horse on one side 

and the other is all the horrible things that go on. 

Blue is fear, Red is Anger, Yellow is instability, Pink is weakness, Orange is ignorance, white is emptiness, black is death of dreams and green is envy. 

These are all the things that eat away at me on a daily basis. The things that stop me from doing art, writing, music, being happy and healthy. 

The grooves and gouges represent all the times people have hurt me when I placed my trust in them. 

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