Sunday, November 19, 2017

Longmire Days 2017

I am behind on my blogs for the summer. It was a bit of a crazy summer. Here's catching up a blog I started in July and never got around to posting!

July 7,8 & 9, 2017 was the 6th Annual Longmire Days in Buffalo, Wyoming, celebrating Craig Johnson's books and the Longmire Television series on Netflix (which just released it's 6th and final Season on November 17, 2017).

I drove up Thursday, July 6. Made it in less than 6 hours this year! Went to the Volunteer party with Rudi and RJ. Then went to the Sponsor Party with Rudi and RJ.

With the help of Jennifer De Bruin of De Bruin Saddlery, I made Robert Taylor a 1:9 scale version of Walt Longmire and his horse. Jennifer did the saddle, bridle, saddle bags and the tea box. I did the horse, base and rider. We made 2 sets - one for Robert and one that was a donation to the Raffle that supports the American Indian College Fund.

Me with Robert Taylor (photo by Anita LeClair)

Me, RJ, Pam and Rudi with Zahn and Robert
(Photo by Anita LeClair)

Friday, July 7 was autograph signing and conversations with the cast, baseball game, etc. 

Two saddles that Jennifer De Bruin made signed by all the actors.

Adam grabbed my phone and got a picture of me, him and Robert. 

Saturday, July 8 was the parade, autograph signing, motorcycle run, etc. I was part of the Longmire Posse Fan Club float! 

Me in the black shirt and red ball cap towards the front.
(Photo by Kim Lark)

Sunday, July 9 was the horseback ride at Paradise Guest Ranch and the closing concert.

My ride for the day Jules and me taking a selfie after the ride. 

It was a blast getting to see everyone again. Can't wait for Longmire Days 2018. 

Me with Zahn McClarnon

Me with A. Martinez

Me with John Bishop

Me with Cody Jones 

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