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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Monthly Model Horse Painting Challenge - October 2020

Model Monthly Painting Challenge - Facebook Group 

And I started with cutting up the Stablemate Croi model (the other model is for a different project) 

I am working on 3 project models at once as well as some painting only projects! 

I did some magic sculpt work to create the ground erupting and start on the tombstone. 

Now on to more sculpting. 

And then primering. 

Now to get all Halloween on this Pony!

Still have a ways to go but getting there! 

On October 22, 2020 my town was evacuated from a flare up fire due to the East Troublesome Fire on the OTHER side of the Divide in Grand County. The fire came down into Rocky Mountain National Park and the entire town of Estes Park was evacuated. At this time (Sunday 10/25/20) - all of my models are still in my cabin in Estes Park. I was unable to complete the model before the end of October. 

I was finally able to get back into my cabin on 11/2/20 - and today (11/7/20) I managed to finish my October challenge horse.

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