Sunday, January 13, 2019

I Don't Have Space to do Art

Being part of a painting group, I have seen a lot of people talk about their art space and not having enough room to do art or comparing their art space to other people's art space.

For the last 10 years I have lived in small 1 bedroom cabins or apartments - none larger than 650 square feet. Having a space for art is not easy.

Previously I always had a folding table and a crappy folding chair and most of the time had to put things away in totes and hide them in the closet so no one could see. In September 2018, I moved into my current apartment and now have a real desk and storage cubby.

This is the first time I have ever had a space that I actually like and works well for me. I only have the desk. To primer or seal models, I have to go outside as weather permits or use the mud room with the door open and stick the model in a tote. I don't have any fans and heaters and painting booths - just a $2 tote from the thrift store.

I live at 8,000 feet in elevation and like today it’s 5° right now (at 7 AM when I started this blog).

With small spaces and cold places you just have to trial and error to figure out the best thing for you. And don’t judge your space on what someone else has just because they can use a whole room and afford cool gear that helps vent things or have a garage where you can set up fans easily and have lots of space. If you truly want to do the art, you will make the space and make due with what you have.

It’s like painting; emulate your favorite artists but only judge your work against how your work has improved not against their works.