Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fall Colors Starting to Show

My Hike today was 3.83 miles - along Glacier Creek and the Big Thompson River in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Fall Colors are showing!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Halloween Model Horse Art Swaps

So this year I really over did it and joined 3 Model Horse group art Swaps. When I got my partners I had the models I needed and had ideas. I managed to get them done and shipped BEFORE October 1 and all 3 have landed at their new owners - 2 liked them 1 has not responded.

Here is a look at them:

Epic Thread Facebook Swap

Only Model Horses Swap

Model Horse Blab Swap

I don't know that I will do 3 Swaps again - mainly because it was just a lot of work and I was afraid my mojo was going to exit before they were done! But it all worked out! 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Vacation with Mom

My mom came out to Colorado this past week. She hasn't been here in 20 years since the last time I lived here. It's been since Christmas 2014 that I saw her (and before that it was 2 years) so it was great to see her. We had so much fun!

She got in Saturday September 5 and we went to the John Denver Tribute Concert in Estes Park put on by and the Tropicowboy Band. 

Sunday was a loaf day around the cabin and a short trip into town. Monday was a trip of Trail Ridge Road to Grand Lake Colorado. 

It was a bit rainy but still nice. 

The rest of the week I worked 1/2 days at work from 8 AM to Noon then our afternoons were spent shopping, going down below and going on a short hike.

She left Saturday September 12 to go back home so I spent my day binge watching Longmire Season 4 (that's a whole different blog when I recoop from the binge watching). 

I can't wait for December and a trip back to see mom.