Friday, September 30, 2022

Model Horse and Action Figure Monthly Art Challenge - September 2022

Getting the supplies I needed for this was such a drama. The first place I ordered from was in the NETHERLANDS and then I had to turn to Amazon. That was much quicker. 

Then I never seemed to be able to get done to the horse what I wanted done and as I write this on September 30, 2022, the model is at least in primer, but nothing more. :( 

So, here is to another missed challenge for the year. 

Ace of Spades Live Show 2022


I am so happy that this show is taking place on September 17! It was going to move to August and I was going to be so bummed that I couldn't go, but they changed it to Sept 17 and YEAH I am entered now!

And I booked my hotel room. Now to plan my show string, which is hard when you are working 50 hours a week, volunteering around 10 hours a week and only have 1 day a week off!

I figured out my show string about two days before the show because I was so overwhelmed with work. That was a mistake because I did not give myself time to learn my performance set ups. 

Friday Night was the Swap meet. I got to chat to a few people and then I was able to purchase a Pebbles Stock horse to customize, three Little Bit breyers to customize, a Classic Jet Run for my show string and a Peter Stone Chip Warmblood for my show string! 

My motel room at the Motel 6, about 15 minutes from the show hall, was very nice and a decent price. 

I arrived on time for set up on Saturday, but was slow organizing and it was a bit of a cluster for me. I ended up getting all of my performance set ups on the table, but I did not do as well with them as I had hoped, because I was also trying to run to the rings to get OF Minis, Custom and AR horses on the table. It was a good learning experience and the Performance Judge Teresa Buzzell gave me some great pointers. 

I did well overall and can't complain. Anna Miller puts on awesome shows and I was very pleased with the day, especially a Reserve OF Champion Mini of Show! YEAH! 

I was glad for the hotel as I went back and crashed then drove home Sunday morning. 

I will definitely attend again! 

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Model Horse and Action Figure Monthly Art Challenge - August 2022

Dogs and Cats!! Heck yeah! Let's see if I can get this done this month! 

And while I was able to get my project into primer, I was not able to finish it. :( 

I blame it on working too much and not taking time for me to do my painting and the things that I want to do :(