Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Circle C Artist Challenge 2020 - Microbe Challenge

Circle C Artist Challenge - here

The people have spoken! We will have not 1 but TWO contests... one for the kiddies who need to be busy and one for the rest of us.
First is PAINT YOUR FAVORITE MICROBE!! Inspired by everyone's new rule maker COVID 19, you can choose a healthy or dangerous microbe...
Two categories, one is repaint only and one is CMd. No limits on what you use or how you do it and to be more fun lets make the deadline 4/15 Tax Day! Wheeeee....
Prizes? I will find something... maybe plush virus? Early bird entries will vie for prizes like a bar of soap and a roll of toilet paper!
Seriously, no rulz! Doesnt have to be a model if you dont have a body, use an empty tp roll! Make it fun folks, this is not to downplay the seriousness of the world around us but a chance to occupy some time and give yr brain a break.
Fantasy Microbes and made up microbes are allowed.

So I made up my own microbe. It's called Equum Noxia Amabam which is Latin for Toxic Hobby Horse.

The Equum Noxia Amabam (Caballo de Aficion Toxico in Spanish) is the microbe that enters model horse hobbyists and makes them spew toxic rhetoric into the world. The Equum Noxia Amabam comes out of the toxic waste of the world and transforms into a beautiful horse or item in the hobby that makes everyone covet it and it makes people spew toxic words about other hobbyists and collectors. When Equum Noxia Amabam is done, he sinks back into the toxic ooze from which he came. The microbe can last a long time in the world and there is little known defense against it. 

 This was a fun event to do!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Trip to Kansas March 3-12

This trip was both work and pleasure. 

Flew in on Tuesday, March 3 to MCI (KC International) and spent until Sunday, March 8 at the Kansas City and Leavenworth Kennel Clubs dog shows doing IT work and Candid photography for Photos By Lennah, LLC





Then I went to Valley Falls to see my mom and get pictures of mom's dogs. 

And a pic with mom 

Then at the airport  coming home on Thursday March 12 it was more dogs