Sunday, December 30, 2018

Bury your poverty, Dig up your wealth 2018-2019

Okay folks! It's New Year's Eve tomorrow!! And I stole this from my friend Chris Wallbruch years ago. I tried it in 2013 and it was an OK year - I tried it again in 2014 and while it was a rough year - this DID work for me. I did this in 2015 and while the end of the year was not what I expected - it was a very good year. 2016 was just been a bitch and while I had no great windfall I have always had the funds to pay what needed to be paid. 2017 I managed to get a little more than I needed, but again no windfall. 2018 I have had a very good year - no windfall- but all the bills paid and I actually have $10 in my savings account (This is saying something considering I have had a $0 balance for a while).

It is time to bury your money!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this tradition, what you do is bury a dollar (or any amount above a dollar that you want) in the soil on New Year's Eve. This can be in a houseplant if the ground is frozen or inaccessible, but I like to go outside, dig a hole, and drop my dollar in. (I put it in a plastic bag). As you bury said dollar, say out loud, "I am burying my poverty!" TIP - if you do this outside, make sure you place some sort of marker where you bury your buck.

On New Year's Day, dig UP the dollar, and as you do so, say out loud, "I am unburying my wealth!"

You can't spend the money- you can either keep it or give it away to charity. Giving it away is the best so you are less likely to spend it.

This tradition is supposed to give you an unexpected windfall of money during the year.

I have had money come to me the 6 years I have done this - while not what I would call a windfall it helped me out of tough times so I am NOT complaining.

It is a tradition I plan on keeping every year and I thank Chris for pointing me to it!!

Dig up your wealth! 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

MountainAires Holiday Concert December 9, 2018

Rehearsals began on September 13, 2018. This is just a few selections of music that we have for the Christmas Concert.

The concert was held at Mountain View Bible Fellowship (this was a change of venue from the Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies). It was well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy it. 


Saturday, December 8, 2018

2018 Wellness Program - Challenge 19 and Other Wellness Activities

Final Check In before turning in Program book on December 13, 2018, plus other wellness things I have done!

Challenge 19: Final Check in!

1) Any suggestions or recommendations - More than 24 hours notice on events (i:e: challenge 4), more events that are easier for night shift to attend since we sleep during the day and making events on like a Tuesday or Wednesday night so those that work Thursday and Friday nights can attend.

2)What was your favorite wellness activity of the year? The hiking challenge

3) What is your greatest take away or accomplishment of the year? That I can actually accomplish something like this, follow it through and complete it!

Other Wellness activities

1) I have blogged my wellness journey on my blog

2) I kept track of my daily exercise on a chart in Word. I was hoping to turn it in with the wellness book but it was deleted off my thumb drive by accident in November. 

3) 04-23-2018 - Massage at Affinity spa because the mind and body need it. After EPMC had a day where you could come in and get the shoulder massage, I decided to take a look at full body massage. Scheduled one for Monday April 23, 2018. This was great for relieving stress.

4) 04/24/2018 - Got a facial because the face needs a special treatment every now and then. It was great information and feeling that the first thing people see is a healthy face. 

5) 05/24/2018 - Knots Out Reflexology and massage. 1/2 hour appointment that was for reflexology and light massage. This was fascinating to know that areas on the foot can affect your entire body. 

6) 07/29/2018 - Horseback Riding - Jackson Stables, Estes Park CO - 3 hour Mill Creek ride


7) 08/12/2018 - Horseback Riding - Paradise Guest Ranch - Buffalo, WY - 3 hour ride


That was all of the other fun things I did for 2018. I hope to do so much more in 2019! 

2018 Wellness Program - Challenge 17 - Show Your Gratitude

This challenge was not posted in November - which made me sad. I was so excited for this challenge, not only for myself and to see what others posted!

It was finally posted on December 3, 2018 on the bulletin board across from the Cafeteria. It looked like a Christmas tree and the stickers to write our gratitude on were round to look like Christmas Ornaments.

I have many more things that I am grateful/thankful for  - but I do not work again before the challenge ends to post more so I will write them here.

1) I am grateful for my job at EPH
2) I am thankful for the beautiful place that I live.
3) I am thankful for my family and friends that support me.
4) I am thankful for my rental apartment and my landlords.
5) I am thankful for my old truck still working well
6) I am thankful for being able to volunteer with the Estes Park Police Auxiliary and MountainAires Choir.
7) I am thankful for being healthy
8) I am thankful for music and my ability to sing and play
9) I am thankful for writing
10) I am thankful for EPH putting on the wellness challenge and getting me out of my comfort zone this year.

2018 Wellness Program - Challenge 5 - Get involved in Your Community

This is the Community Service Challenge - either competing in a community event (5K, bike race, marathon) or by doing community service.

This challenge I think I have covered pretty well.

I serve the Estes Park community as an Auxiliary Police Officer, as well as singing in a local all women's choir (MountainAires) and volunteering at the Pet Association of Estes Park.

The MountainAires women's chorus meets once per week to practice in the Spring from January to May and in the Fall from September to December. Practice runs one hour per week plus a sectional practice that is 1-2 hours during the course of spring or fall and then there is a concert in May and December for Prospect Park Living Center (done at the Center), Good Samaritan (done at the Center) and then the main concert held at the Presbyterian Church of the Rockies or the Mountain View Bible Fellowship. I also personally handle the Facebook page for the group posting pictures and concert dates/etc.

2018 hours for MountainAires: 31

MountainAires Women's Chorus

The Pet Association of Estes Park is the animal rescue in Estes Park. I have walked dogs and sat with kitties waiting to be adopted. It's therapeutic for myself and the animals.

2018 hours for Pet Association of EP: 6

Estes Park Police Auxiliary - information on the auxiliary can be found here 
 For 2018 I did the Citizen's Police Academy (see the blog I did on it), did Fingerprinting, Police Ride-a-Long, Comm Center "sit-a-long", Community Cafe, Foot and Community Patrol, Community Clean up, Duck Race, Safety Fair, Driver Training, Monthly Meetings, Rodeo Parade and Patrol, Scott Fest parade and Patrol, Blue Santa, and other community events.

2018 hours for Auxiliary as of 12/13/18: 155

Please note all totals were as of December 13, 2018 when the wellness challenge ended. Some will have more hours past that until the end of December.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

ICEE - International Customizing Equine Event

International Customizing Equine Event (ICEE)GENERAL: This is NOT a contest!!This is to tie in with Jennifer Bray Buxton’s NaMoPaiMo (National Model Painting Month), so that all customizing and prepping has been completed by February 1, 2019 and then continue on to Hanna Bear’s National Tack Month for a Triple Crown in modeling.x

The idea of this event is to motivate artists and non-artists if all skill levels to challenge themselves in a supportive community to customize a model in 2 months, October AND November (61 days).

RULE 1: ENTRANTS - Open to individuals of all ages and skill levels worldwide.
RULE 2: PROJECT MODEL - When finished the Project model must be 50% or more horse "body".
Completed model is to be equine, other Equids (mule, donkey, zebra, etc.) or equine-like (unicorn, pegasus, hippocampus, seahorse, centaur and other mythical or fantasy horse-like creature).
Only 3-D models will be included in the project model category.
However, ICEE encourages participants to also complete any number of 2-D and non-equine projects for the "I Also Made This!" category they wish within the 2 month period of the Event.
RULE 2a) One 3-D model equine (etc.) of any scale or medium required.
Project model can be in any condition at the start of the event, however the work required as expressed in the artists statement MUST be completed within the Event months.
Rule 3: DEGREE OF PROJECT - Anything from simple ear repair/reposition to total body rebuild to sculpt from scratch.
It is up to YOU to challenge YOUR skills.
RULE 4: ENTRY - One (1) project model per participant to count as the official event entry.
To be declared at time of entry by way of artist statement, and/or sketch or a reference photo.
E.g. Artist statement: I am planning to make a __________ in the __________ pose.
Once an entry has been made you cannot go back and change things after the fact. If you aren't 100% sure don't sign up yet.
RULE 4a: The customizing must be done 100% by the participant.
RULE 5: COMPLETION - A model is considered to be finished when no more altering or tweaking is necessary. 

There are several other rules but these were the main ones. 

The entirety of the stated finished customization MUST be completed between 12:01am Oct 1 and 11:59pm Nov 30, your time zone.
To be counted finished you MUST post 1 photo of the finished project in the "DONE!" album or email to the host.

My project model is a Breyer Stablemate (1:32 scale) Dungaree that I am going to make into a dragon-type pegasus with bat wings, dragon tail, horn, scales and more. 

This is what she looks like with things attached and before sculpting begins. 

I started this in October. Finally on Sunday, November 4, I got out of my head and did some sculpting. 

Today (Tuesday, November 20, 2018) I actually sat down and completed the last bit of sculpting. Added back ridges, mane, and forelock with magic sculpt and then the leg designs that will be raised under the paint with modeling paste. So my official entry is complete. Not sure when she will be primered and painted but this challenge is DONE!! WOO HOO!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

2018 Wellness Program - Challenge 16 - Winter Months Checklist

Challenge 16: The Winter Months are approaching! Stay safe this winter while traveling and using our checklist for your vehicle!

1) Have your battery checked.

I had it done this summer with my mechanic and know that it will need to be replaced by spring 2019.

2) Check your tire tread! If tires are less than 3/32" tread they need to be replaced.

This was also done this summer when I had rotation and alignment and break check

3) Check your tire pressure.

I do this every week during the winter months. 35 psi is appropriate for my truck and I keep them at that.

4) Ensure your windshield wiper blades are in good condition.

These were just replaced when I got my new windshield this summer and are still in good working order.\

5) Refill your windshield wiper fluid with fluid recommended for below freezing temperatures.

I carry a bottle of windshield wiper fluid all year round in a kit in my truck.

6) Pack an emergency kit - suggestions include:
Bag of abrasive material.
Snow Shovel
Snow brush
Flashlight with extra batteries
window washer solvent
Ice scraper
Paper towels
Jumper cables
Gloves, hat and blankets
warning devices (flares or triangles)
drinking water
non-perishable snacks
extra clothes
first-aid kit
basic toolkit
mobile phone and car charger