Saturday, August 5, 2023

“How To Be Brave (In Life & Watercolor)” July 15, 2023


“How To Be Brave  (In Life & Watercolor)” July 15, 2023“How To Be Brave  (In Life & Watercolor)” July 15, 2023 - Hosted by Bryce Dallas Howard and taught by Bindi Desai, this workshop is designed transform your anxieties through the world of watercolor.

I attended this online event for a couple of reasons - one of my favorite actresses/directors is Bryce Dallas Howard (the daughter of actor/director Ron Howard). And because watercolors are my downfall. I am so NOT good at them. 

This was a well organized, online event. And the instructions were easy for my ADHD riddled brain. The only part that wasn't easy was the being brave part. I have had a hard time in my life with perfectionism. I was told by a family member whose approval I wanted until I was well into my late 30's that I was a shit artist, writer, etc. I have had other people tell me my art was shit as well, and it's taken a lot for me to overcome what I have.

I have tried watercolor before, but they never look great. And to be honest, this one did not either, but the instruction of using other things besides just the paint and brush, like toothbrushes, sculpting tools, pens, forks, etc. Was a fun experience. 

It was two hours of great stuff. And I enjoyed the Q&A at the end. It was great working alongside everyone and Bryce and Bindi as well. 

I hope to do another one of these and to someday meet Bryce in person! 

Longmire Days July 2023


Longmire Days 2023! I was so excited for this year's event! A full event after the covid years! It is always great fun! 

General Admission tickets went on sale on May 18, 2023. I bought one even though I volunteer for like everything, because I love that the Longmire Foundation supports such great charities and this year there was a bonus - the first 1,500 ticket holders received a signed copy of Craig Johnson's 'Daughter of the Morning Star.' 

I did get a horseback riding ticket for the Sunday horseback ride - this is my favorite event :) and I love going to Paradise Guest Ranch. I filled out my volunteer form and volunteered for everything. 

On Wednesday, July 19, I drove down to Fort Collins. I ran errands, then picked Rudi Lee up at the Bus Transfer station. Found out then, that the AC on my Ford Ranger was leaking so we had a warm drive to Buffalo as we couldn't use the AC. We made it to our hotel, The Mansion House, by 3:15 pm, we changed, and walked around town for a bit before eating dinner and then crashing for the night. 

Thursday morning, Rudi and I went to the Busy Bee for breakfast and then walked around town a little more. Then we headed to the Volunteer meeting. This is where we all found out about the issue with SAG-AFTRA and the actors. 

On July 17, A. Martinez had announced due to the strike he would not be attending with his family due to "I can't adequately describe how bad I feel about not being able to make it back to Longmire Days this year. Our whole family has been preparing to share the kind of show we hardly ever get to share -- together -- and have been looking forward to seeing our friends again and making new ones. I hold multiple positions of leadership in my union and need to remain in Los Angeles to fulfill them right now. On behalf of all of us, I offer my sincere apologies. We know that Longmire Days will be chock-full of the fun and joyful reunions it always carries and we fully intend to see you down the road. Much love, A"

On July 19, John Bishop had posted that he would not be attending "Dearest Longmire family, It is with a heavy heart that I am sharing this news. Unfortunately, with the SAG strike in full swing, the girls and I are unable to attend Longmire Days this year. We were so looking forward to performing and spending time with all of you. Heartfelt thanks to Jennifer and Danielle at the Longmire Foundation, Craig and Judy, David Stewart, and the rest of our dear friends in Wyoming for making all of the travel arrangements, accommodations, and special events for us. We appreciate your hard work and generosity. We miss you and hope to be together again soon! Much love, John Bishop."

On July 20, the Longmire Days Official Facebook page posted: Longmire Days 
July 20 at 8:30 AM  - As of 8:30 am on Thursday this is what we know.  Late Wednesday evening when Robert Taylor, Louanne Stephens, and Derek Phillips arrived in Buffalo we all learned that they would not be able to appear at that time without a wavier due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. Not the surprise any of us want. Robert, Louanne, Derek, and our incredibly small staff at the Longmire Foundation have been working overnight to gain this waiver from SAG-AFTRA, but so far have not received it.  This means that no actors will be making scheduled appearances at events at this time at our Longmire Days charity event. Events will continue, as possible, but just without the actors.  Craig Johnson has jumped in on the trail ride this morning.  As soon as we have some clarity on the situation we'll pass on that information immediately and make appropriate adjustments, but it is a very fluid situation. We know you are angry, frustrated, disappointed, and many other emotions because we are too.  We appreciate your understanding and will provide an update as soon as we know anything more. We've limited commenting on this post because we want to get you the information, but not have to waste time dealing with the comments as our time needs to be spent working on receiving the waiver.


At the volunteer meeting we had everything explained to us and Rudi and I got our shirts and headed out to the first event we were working - Tea with Ruby. Louanne wasn't able to come due to not receiving the waiver at the time of the event. Many people were understandbly sad, but less than ten people left the event. Everyone else stayed, chatted to their tablemates, enjoyed the food, and got a history lesson on the TA Ranch where the event was held. 

The best news came not long after that event - Longmire Days July 20 at 3:34 PM

We have some great news!  Longmire Days has been given permission to proceed from SAG-AFTRA and events with actors will occur as planned starting with the VIP Reception tonight. When we receive the written permission to proceed there may be slight adjustments moving forward with the events, but we'll be making those adjustments accordingly and keep you informed as soon as we know via our website and email for event ticket holders. BOY HOWDY! ==

So Rudi and I worked our second event - the VIP Reception. There were a lot of happy fans and the actors were very happy. It was announced that John Bishop would be arriving on Friday to join Robert, Louanne, and Derek. 

Friday, July 21, was crazy busy with several events. There was the 5K run and 1K walk. We went down to see the start. Then ate breakfast and to the Bomber Mountain Civic center where Rudi and I did the check in for everyone attending the autograph session. It went smoothly. 

We also did the check in for the So You Want To Write A Book - A discussion with the experts - Craig Johnson with Gail Hochman and Brian Tart and we did the check in for A Longmire Conversation (Q&A with Cast - Robert and Derek)- Bomber Mountain Civic Center. It was fun to learn how they became actors and about some of their auditioning processes. Due to the waiver restrictions, they couldn't talk about specific shows, but it was a nice Q&A. 

We ran to dinner and then it was the Wyoming Whiskey Live Charity Auction & Occidental Jam w/ Cast. John Bishop arrived for this event and there were a lot of great items up for auction. 

Saturday, July 22, was another fun and busy day. It started with the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast - while I couldn't eat the pancakes, I did eat the ham. And it's a nice event to start the day. Then there was a run around of whether or not I would be driving the truck in the parade - but they managed to get the other vehicles they were waiting on so I ran to the Bomber Mountain Civic center for the Autograph session. Rudi and I checked everyone in for the event. 

We grabbed lunch and Rudi and I ran to the Longmire Fan Talent Show Practice - Buffalo High School Auditorium. We had to keep people from being early to the next event. We then did the check in for A Conversation with the Cast-Buffalo High School Auditorium. We did the check in for the following event - Longmire Fan Talent Show Performance-Hosted by Louanne Stephens and judged by cast members. And then the following event we also did the check in for - was Live Music with John Bishop & Friends - Buffalo High School Auditorium.

John's girls weren't able to make it but John had some help and some great music. 


Sunday, July 23, my favorite event - the Horseback Ride to Paradise Guest Ranch. It was a beautifulday for a ride. My first horse has a saddle that they couldn't shorten the stirrups enough for me, so my second horse was a chestnut mare named Sweets. She was ornery, but a fun ride. Had a nice time talking to Robert, Derek, and John. And the meal was nice - it's always nice when there's several options for gluten free since I can't have wheat, barley or rye. 

I headed to the Volunteer Reception but it was hot and no shade so back to the Mansion House. Then to do the check in for The tales from Craig and Robert - Did you ever wonder how Walt Longmire came to be? How did he get from the imagination of Craig Johnson onto the pages we all read? How does Robert Taylor become a character for the screen? Join Craig and Rob to find out all of this and more! - Buffalo High School Auditorium. Then it was out to the TA Ranch to check in and help with the Pig Roast After Party - A relaxed, laid-back way to end an action-packed weekend with the cast, a 'whole hog' pig roast with all the fixings, cash bar, and live music by Prairie Wildfire and Jalan Crossland.

It was a great weekend! And I enjoyed seeing everyone again that made it and missed those that didn't make it. 

Monday, July 24, Rudi and I did breakfast at the Busy Bee and then headed out. With no AC - it was a damn hot ride home across Wyoming on the hottest day of the year. Made it to Fort Collins Bus station around 2:45. Rudi was able to get an early bus to the airport. I made it home about 3:45, unloaded and then treated myself for heat exhaustion. I did make a run to the Urgent Care, just to make sure that I didn't need fluids. 

I am so grateful for a great weekend with old friends and New. Thank you to Jennifer, Dannielle, Craig, all the actors and volunteers and to the Foundation and to SAG-AFTRA. It was a wonderful event! Can't wait for 2024!