Saturday, April 30, 2022

International Model Tack Month - April 2022 - Tack is my Nemisis


International Model Tack Month (abbreviated IMTM to avoid confusion with other annual challenge groups) is a community of model horse hobbyists focused on helping each other complete a self-determined tack project between the dates of April 1 and April 30. This is not a contest or a competition; there are no prizes. Everyone who completes their project as described in their registration form and uploads a finished photo to the specified location will receive a personalized completion certificate in the form of a PDF that can be printed at home.

IMTM strives to create a kind, welcoming community where we can all learn. We focus on support and education for tack makers of all skill levels, remembering that we all started somewhere. Community members are encouraged to tailor any advice, suggestions, or critique to the skill level of the person requesting it. All criticism should be positive and focused on education.


I have entered this challenge for like 5 of its 6 years - my first year (2018) - I did not complete my challenge - see this blog. Then I did 2019 challenge and completed my project - here. 2020 was a suck year because I had to move DURING the pandemic and IMTM - here. 2021 I failed again to complete the challenge - HERE

This year I am trying it again. I am going to try to do a circus costume for a Stablemate - AGAIN. 

And this month - I have to say was a rough month for me and as I look at the mess of my art table, I know that today being April 30, I will not be completing my project and haven't even done the basics for it. One of these years, I will succeed at this challenge - 2022 is not the year.