Saturday, June 27, 2015

NAN - North American Nationals Part 2 - Show

SO I want to put a HUGE thank you out to Dayle Steinke for taking my models to California for NAN and to Stacy Quick for Proxy showing them for me.

Mine is the Pink one on the top :) 

I had models in classes: 5006 CM Pure/Part/Grade Gaited - sadly no placings in that class. 

 6006   AR/OS Other Pure/Part/Grade Light (Incl NSH) - sadly, again no placings in that class.

503  TR/CL Pinto (All Patterns) - sadly no placing in this class.

508  Fantasy (Pegasus/Unicorns/Pegacorns/Thestrals) - TOP 10!! Thessy (#1029), 26 points, owned by Melissa Addison

604 TR/CL Bay/Chestnut/Sorrel - sadly no placing in this class

608 Decorator/Unrealistic/Fantasy - Pip (#1033) 17 points - lost on the tiebreaker, Riabhach  (#1033) - 4 points - Both Riabhach and Pip placed on every judge's card - just not enough points and horses for top 10's! 

Not bad overall - Thank you again Stacy and Dayle for taking care of my babies! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Aspen Majestic Lady

She came into my life in 1997 after moving from Colorado to Missouri. She lived at my mom's place in Kansas as I lived in the city in Missouri with no place to keep a horse.

We got her at a sale barn. I rode her before she went through the sale and loved her. When a black Tennessee Walking Horse went through the sale at 7 PM it sold for $5000. Everyone thought it was her and most of the people that bid on her had left by the time she actually went through at like midnight-1 AM. We got her for $1000.

Her registration papers hadn't been signed in years and were a mess - a mess that would have cost me close to her $1000 cost to get fixed with the TWHBEA. At the time it wasn't important to me, now I really wish I had done it so that I could prove her pedigree.

Aspen - her name on her papers when I finally got the mess from her previous owner said Aspen Majestic Lady. She was born June 16, 1985 - today would have been her 30th birthday. 

Me on Aspen, My mom on Miss Robin Skip (QH mare)

I found a wonderful model to use for Aspen - it's the Mirriam Resin sculpted by White Pine Equine. 

I miss this mare so much. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Trail Ridge Road

The highest continuous road in the United States. It's open usually from Memorial Day until late September or early October - all depending on the weather


Rocky Mountain National Park

I live in Estes Park, Colorado - the East side of Trail Ridge Road - they were able to open it around May 30 this year. I went over on June 7 to Grand Lake and back to Estes.

There is a lot of snow up top still, especially above timber line. I hope to go up again in a couple of weeks - we have had a lot warmer weather this week so might get to see some tundra flowers and a little less snow.