Monday, April 27, 2020

International Model Tack Month, Pandemic and Moving - April 2020

Put my registration in on Sunday, March 15.

I decided to do a Medieval Jousting Costume for my SM G1 Drafter. This was a Renaissance Faire Style Costume based on images from Kansas City Renaissance Faire when I worked there in my teens and twenties. 

And then everything changed on April 1, 2020  - besides the pandemic - I received a text message from my landlords that they "had a change of circumstances" and were giving me 30 days notice to vacate the premise. There was a notice at the top of the stairs (I lived in a basement apartment.)

That started a friend networking of finding a place to live. I managed to get a storage unit on April 3 and start moving all my stuff to storage. It's very stressing to be moving by yourself during the middle of a pandemic! 

I managed to find a WONDERFUL place with the help of friends. A cabin in the woods with a view of the  mountains out my living room window!! 

I am just very thankful for the help from Pam, Kathleen, Morgan, Candy, Deidra, Ellen, Renne and for everyone's well wishes and support. 

Sadly, I have not gotten to work on my model horse project and am working the next 3 days, so will not be able to even start it. It's been an interesting month.