Tuesday, July 13, 2021

THE WINNER IS - 2021 Crowns for the Care Mrs. Rooftop Rodeo

What an amazing year 2021 has been for me - and competing in the 2021 Crowns for the Care - Estes Park Health Foundation - Paint Estes Pink Campaign was one of them. 

I have never felt comfortable asking people for money - whether for donations or help of any kind. If you had asked me to ride a horse for this event or do something related to growing up on a small ranch, I would have been so much better suited at that, then asking people for money. 

The thing is, I did compete and with your help I raised $1,568.00 that was counted (as there were 2 checks that they received after the closing deadline that they didn't count in my total) for the Estes Park Health Foundation to get the hospital an MRI. 

I had a good time overall meeting the past winners at the first get together and it was kind of surreal seeing my picture in the paper each week.

I stopped at businesses and asked for donations, begged friends and family and former employers. I made some bold moves and contacted large companies across the US and really dealt with dealing with my ADHD and RSD rearing their ugly heads through the whole thing.  

I did it without the support of the hospital I work for - as they backed another employee competing - allowing that person to hold a bake-sale on the Urgent Care grounds, while I had been told to only put up discreet posters and not bother my fellow employees with my fundraising endeavors. 

While that experience tainted my Rooftop Rodeo Crowns experience (and I almost did throw in the towel), the MRI was the most important thing and I persisted because of those that had already supported me and I wasn't raised to be a quitter. 

One of the hardest things for me was the Rodeo Queens Luncheon on July 6. The Mrs. Rooftop Rodeo Queens were invited to the 2020/21 Rooftop Rodeo Queens lunch. I have to say as a woman who is heavyset at this moment in time, this made me sick to my stomach thinking about being around all the beautiful and talented young women from the various rodeos. I am glad that I went though.

It was nice to meet so many Rodeo Queens from the Rooftop Rodeo Queen to Larimer County, Miss Rodeo Colorado and Miss Rodeo America 2020-2021. 

Miss Rodeo America gave a lovely speech about stepping outside your comfort zone and being true to yourself and having your biggest supporter be the person in the mirror. It was a wonderful time and I am grateful for the experience.

Friday, July 9 closing deadline saw 2 checks still outstanding that I knew people had sent, but had not arrived. I contacted the office about it and was told "it wouldn't matter anyway with my poor showing - it wasn't going to change the results." 

I have to say I was furious about this and really, really wanting them to send all the funds back that my friends and family had donated, no matter the cause.

FINALLY - Saturday night came and I had a migraine all day and was feeling like crap. I wasn't going to attend because of the rudeness from the Foundation office and not feeling well, but friends and family convinced me to go and finish this final piece. 

Mrs. Rooftop Rodeo 2021 is: Dona Cooper with an Amazing donation amount of $19,000. 

Sonya McTeague was the Runner up.

I was very happy for both of them, because at our initial meeting, they both had the biggest fears for not getting donations from anyone (while I was a bit outspoken at the meeting and ended up 5th out of 5), but they are both wonderful ladies and I am so glad for them. 

The grand total was something like $26,500 earned by all of us (not counting the 2 checks of mine.)

And the winners of the 2 Horses I made are:

Tom Oates was the winner of "Give Cancer the Boot"

Jean Sorensen was the winner of "Paint Estes Pink"

And finally - 

I want to give a HUGE shout out and thank you to the following people for supporting me in this endeavor:
  • My mom - for being encouraging and a wonderful listener through all of this!
  • Renne Stachnik, Morgan Haberman, Deborah Bouziden, Deidra Hues, and others who I can't recall at this time that encouraged me to keep going. 
  • Marsha Hobert for being my Mentor and a previous Crowns winner
And my donors: 
  • John and Nancy Warstler Thut
  • Zander Rexroad
  • Marilyn Fitch Herrmann
  • Cindy and Rich Jackson
  • Tami Scace
  • Deborah Bouziden
  • Theresa Brynard
  • Scott and Pam Duemig
  • Susan Steele
  • Patricia Sobral
  • Jason Busey
  • William Gomer
  • Catherine Wilsey
  • Catherine Lewis
  • Morgan Haberman
  • Carly Lusky
  • Susan Thelander
  • Judy Palmer
  • Kevin Mullin
  • Leon Martin
  • Donna Bryson
  • Kenneth and Marsha Hobert
  • Tom Oates
  • Jean Sorensen
  • Rudi Lee
  • Bill and Sue Pinkham
  • Patrick Dunn
  • Mike and Rita Albert
  • Deidra Hues
  • Daniel Rauk
  • Shirley Neely-Turpin
  • Karen Johnson
  • PB Ingold
  • Larry Strong
  • Fredye Jo Williams
  • Barbara Addison

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!!!! 

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Raffle Models to the Donors for Crowns for the Care - Paint Estes Pink


Give away for donors to my Crowns for the Care 2021 Campaign! 

If you have donated to my Paint Estes Pink, 2021 Crowns for the Care Campaign - I am going to put your name in a drawing for one of two models that I created.

The first is Paint Estes Pink Horse:

The second is Give Cancer the Boot Horse:

I want to thank everyone for their donations and I will draw the winners on Tuesday July 13, 2021 and post them on social media! (I will pay postage to the winners).