Sunday, February 17, 2019

NaMoPaiMo - National Model Painting Month - 2019

The month of February 2019, I am participating in the Facebook group NaMoPaiMo - National Model Painting Month - this is a model horse painting group and it's always great to see what people do! (very image heavy blog).

Here are the Rules - if you are interested - NAMOPAIMO RULES

I registered on January 2, 2019.

January 3rd I posted my picture to the "Resin Nudie" folder to show me and my official entry. 

My donation to NaMoPaiMo prize pool. 

Small paint brushes to do the detail work I want to do on my model. 

Reference photos of what I want my model to look like when completed. Not completely sure which I will use or a combination of both but I loved both of these horses and wanted to try to at least emulate them. 

I shared info about my art space - 

I have seen a lot of posts about not much room for painting space. I live in a 600 sq ft apartment. My painting-space is a desk. I spray sealers and primers outside as weather permits or use the mud room with the door open and stick the model in a tote. I live at 8,000 feet in elevation and like today it’s 5° right now. With small spaces and cold places you just have to trial and error to figure out the best thing for you. And don’t judge your space on what someone else has just because they can use a whole room or garage. It’s like painting; emulate your favorite artists but only judge your work against how your work has improved not against their works.

This is my first custom in 1985 and one of my most recent ones in 2018. There was a version of the 10 year challenge on the NaMo group page. 

And February 1 - I managed to primer my main horse and my secondary horse! Of course I did this when I should have been sleeping because I had to work that night. 

The Battle of the Butts has begun!!! The battle of the Butts has begun. Thunderbutt one (right) is my official NaMoPaiMo horse who will be Appaloosa marked. While thunderbutt two (left) wanted in on the fantasy action. #battleofthebutts #namopaimo2019 #kittycantrellresin #thunderbuttresin #elkstarranchartwork

This is the "nudie" group shot of all the entrants with their "naked" unpainted pieces. Can you find me?? hahahah

And I managed today to work on them on Sunday February 3, 2019.



February 9, 2019 - NaMoPaiMo Party at Fabian's!! Photos taken by various people at the Party

I had to leave the party early to go to work. But on Sunday February 10 I did a LOT of work on both my models. 




February 11 - Completed the Fantasy Thunderbutt Resin and made great progress on my Appaloosa Thunderbutt. 

February 14 - this horse is irritating the crap out of me! Can't get his blanket WHITE and want to chuck him in the trash. 


February 16 - Managed to get the blanket where I want it. This is like layer 25 of white!


February 17, 2019 - I DID IT!! After staying up until 2 AM in the morning - I managed to complete my 2019 NAMOPAIMO Horse!! WOOO HOOO!!!!