Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Monthly Model Horse Painting Challenge - May 2021


There was no April challenge posted. This month's challenge has to do with Mothers in celebration of Mother's Day!! 

I decided to be adventurous and do a medallion for my mom. Using a gift shadow box from a friend - I painted the friendship Medallion by Ashley Stollberg of Ashley's Equine Artistry to my mom with her 1/2 Morgan 1/2 Quarter Horse gelding Pat. Pat was my mom's favorite horse besides her miniature William and I just had to do this gift for her! 

I learned to ride at about 1 year old on Pat and he was great with children and ornery with adults. 

Photo by Ashley Stollberg

My mom's gelding Pat

I used pastels and earth pigments as well as acrylics. The background is a Kansas sunset photo with the words "And God took a bit of Southerly wind and created the horse." 

The final piece looked so good to me. And I shipped it to my mom - she loved it. 

Saturday, May 1, 2021

International Model Tack Month - April 2021 - Facing Failure Once Again

International Model Tack Month (abbreviated IMTM to avoid confusion with other annual challenge groups) is a community of model horse hobbyists focused on helping each other complete a self-determined tack project between the dates of April 1 and April 30. This is not a contest or a competition; there are no prizes. Everyone who completes their project as described in their registration form and uploads a finished photo to the specified location will receive a personalized completion certificate in the form of a PDF that can be printed at home.

IMTM strives to create a kind, welcoming community where we can all learn. We focus on support and education for tack makers of all skill levels, remembering that we all started somewhere. Community members are encouraged to tailor any advice, suggestions, or critique to the skill level of the person requesting it. All criticism should be positive and focused on education.

I have entered this challenge for like 4 of its 5 years - the first year - I did not complete my challenge - see this blog. Then I did 2019 challenge and completed my project - here. 2020 was a suck year because I had to move DURING the pandemic and IMTM - here

This year I am trying it again - I hope to complete 2 Stablemate western bridles to go with saddles that I have that need bridles! 

As of April 17, I had not worked on my tack projects at all. I think I was having a bit of OMG can I do this left over from March. 


Today is May 1 and I did absolutely nothing for this challenge. Every time I sat down to work on it, this little nagging, ugly voice in the back of my head said, NOPE, it won't be good enough. 

This is something I struggle with tack making - my first attempt at IMTM (here) really showed me that I was being a bit arrogant about tack making and now I have gone to the other extreme of fighting it every time I sign up - either a life crisis happens or I find something else to do that isn't a challenge. 

I will continue to do this challenge each year. It's a good challenge and it's great to see everything that people complete. I am hoping to work on tack through the rest of this year and see what I can do so that I prepare myself for next year.