Sunday, January 28, 2024

January 2024 Crafting Month


January is a little light on the crafting stuff offered. 

First off was another soap making class using goat's milk soap - this is a lot thicker and a little harder to work with than the glycerin soap. 

The first one I used a bee honeycomb mold and did yellow color with Warm Vanilla Sugar scent. The second one was a mix of pink and purple color with Pink Vanilla scent. 

They came out nicely I think. 

I wanted to get into the candle making class to see if it was something different, but it filled up too quickly. 

I was able to get into the Glass Fusion Class. I was very excited for this because I have only done it a couple of other times. We made magnets. 

These were samples we could look at. 



Here is my piece as I worked on it - YES, I cut my finger on the glass. Nothing like a little blood on the project to make it look realistic (ahahah)

Completed - not what I had hoped, but I think pretty good for my first try. 

My third class was Tie Dye. I had been going to do this a couple of times last year, but it never worked out. We were doing Tie Dye bags! 

We chose a bag and it soaked for 15 minutes in SodaAsh then it was rubber-banded and the colors added. I chose a Sun Flare/Starburst for my bag. 

After it was dyed, it was wrapped in newspaper and a plastic bag and set overnight. The employees then wash and rinse it and this was my final result:

My fourth crafting class was wood burning! I did this like late 2022 or very early 2023 but it was mostly playing with the tools, so I was excited for this one. 

It's not great but for a free hand drawing and working with wood burning tools - not a horrible first try. I don't know that it's something that I want to do again or not, but it was fun. 

The final class this month, Ceramics! I was really hoping we could choose a project, but they chose it for us. I was very happy that it wasn't a mug this time. This time is was a plate (I had hope for the tea light holders, but they had to change them.)

And this is how it looks after it was fired:

This was a very busy art month, and I am very excited for all the things that I did.