Monday, April 22, 2019

National Model Tack Month - April 2019

So I am trying this again - my first attempt was two years ago - Read about it here

Entries for NMTM 2019:

Beginning March 1, 2019, enter by posting ONE photo in the ENTRIES 2019 album. This photo can be of your model, your self, your supplies, etc., but the photo MUST be owned by you and must be appropriate for an all-age audience. In the photo description, include your name and a little bit about your project.

This was my picture - I plan on making a Circus Costume for this mold
Breyer Stablemate 1:32 Scale Dungaree stock horse mare

Entries will be open throughout all of March and April. (Yes, you can enter on April 29th, but 11:59 PM in your time zone on April 30th is the end date for everyone, no matter when you sign up.)

Pick a scale-model tack project that is right for you. Choose as big or small of a project as you wish, whether that is a fully-tooled saddle or a rope halter! This is 100% up to you.

Image result for circus horse costume
Inspiration for my set
 Prep throughout March. Make trees, bits, buckles, hames, stirrups, and hardware, purchase your supplies, draw up patterns, etc.

Supplies for my project

Beginning at 00:01 AM on April 1 in your time zone, actual construction and assembly of your project can begin! Dying, cutting, tooling, stitching, embossing, gluing, etc.

So it's April 10 and I have not done a single thing on my project piece because I was traveling and I am getting ready for a live show and knew I would not get it done in time.

I did do a tack thing though - I made a halter for like the first time in 20 years!

April 15 was not just tax day but model tack day! ๐Ÿ˜

April 16 was dyeing the tack pink day - I did not get photos ๐Ÿ˜’

April 17 was assembling the thing - OMG Stablemate buckles are so small for my little fat fingers.

April 21 - I completed my project. It is by no means Live Show Quality, but it's a great learning experience. And I had a lot of fun this time!!!

The group collage will be back! The finishers' photos will be made into an "I DID IT" collage, for bragging rights!

I hope to add the collage picture later. This has been a great experience.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Candyland Live Model Horse Show

April 13, 2019
After a successful NaMoPaiMo - I feel better going into this live model horse show than I have felt for any other show.

The weather forecast keeps showing crappy weather - which I really hope does NOT happen.

I paid my entry back in January and have redone who I am taking like 10 times now.

I also donated an unpainted Miss Penny resin sculpted by Morgan Haberman.

I managed to wake up by 11 AM on the 12th (I work nights and got off at 6 AM) - ran my errands and made it down the mountain to the show hall to help out by 3 PM. Three- four hours of sleep is not conducive to being totally on your game! HAHA

Then we went to a wonderful dinner at Pho 888

Teresa, Nae, Yashka, Heather, Stephanie, Angelo and Me

It was snowing on the way to the hotel. I crashed by 10 PM but was awake at like 2 AM and never did get back to sleep.

I came out to this image of my truck:

Arrived to the show hall around 7:30 AM and started the day.

I bought a few great things, didn't sell anything but had fun.

Here are some of my winners - all owned by me.

My cute Name Tag
My winnings for the Day - no champs or Reserves but I am pleased
Kathy McKenzie Painted Sandicast Arabian

Tia Ossenkomp etched Arabian 

Kristy Thiessen Stablemate Zombie TWH
Rachel Mitchell Custom SM ASB

Micro Hazel Resin customized by ME!!!

Sara Gifford Painted Sandicast Arabian

Custom SM TB - don't remember the artist

Sara Gifford CM TWH

China zebra decorator PAINTED BY ME!!!

Custom Arabian mare  - unknown artist

CM Classic TB painted by Sophie Nordstrom

Mini Thunderbutt Resin PAINTED BY ME!!!
Custom Glaze Fantasy Horse by Animal Artistry
My 2019 NAMOPAIMO Horse winning 3rd in Amateur Artist Appaloosa

Southern Bell Resin painted by me to chestnut

Classic TB mare custom by Sophie Nordstrom

Mirriam Resin - a Portrait of my TWH mare and Painted by me
My Raffle Win!
Sara Rose Reveler resin painted by me 6th in Amateur Artist Chestnut

Breyer Corgi Custom by Karla Zdorik winning the Dog class

My jumping entry - Jumping Jack resin painted by Molly Pengra, jump and base by Molly Pengra, Jill resin Handler painted by me