Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bury your poverty, dig up your wealth 2015-2016

Okay folks! It's New Year's Eve today!! And I stole this from my friend Chris Wallbruch - I tried it in 2013 and it was an OK year - I tried it again in 2014 and while it was a rough year - this DID work for me both years!!! I did this in 2015 and while the end of the year was not what I expected - it's been a very good year. 

It is time to bury your money!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this tradition, what you do is bury a dollar (or any amount above a dollar that you want) in the soil on New Year's Eve. This can be in a houseplant if the ground is frozen or inaccessible, but I like to go outside, dig a hole, and drop my dollar in. (I put it in a plastic bag). As you bury said dollar, say out loud, "I am burying my poverty!" TIP - if you do this outside, make sure you place some sort of marker where you bury your buck.

On New Year's Day, dig UP the dollar, and as you do so, say out loud, "I am unburying my wealth!" You can't spend the dollar - you can either keep it or give it away to charity. Giving it away is the best so you are less likely to spend it.

This tradition is supposed to give you an unexpected windfall of money.

I have had money come to me the 3 years I have done this - while not what I would call a windfall it helped me out of tough times so I am NOT complaining.

It is a tradition I plan on keeping every year and I thank Chris for pointing me to it!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Secret Santa Part 3

Well it was a very good Secret Santa year for me and I am so grateful for all the gifts. This 3rd Secret Santa is from Lisa Esping from the FB Secret Santa group.

I received my box on December 24! What an awesome gift it was.

The box opened

The packages

The goodies - Wee Pads for Gabby, 2 bags of Haribo Bears, WHITE FUDGE OREOS (these are to DIE FOR), a SM American Pharoah and the Classic Breyer Dartmoor Set

Close up of SM Pharoah

Close up of Dartmoor set

Thank you to all three of my Secret Santas. I loved everything!! 

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Secret Santa Part 2

My second Secret Santa was from Model Horse Blab. My Santa was Christy M. 

She sent me some really, really great things.

This was the box when I opened it. 

I love the wrapping paper and the Bull Terrier design on the one box. 

Christmas socks, 2 Flavored Chapsticks, A Donkey and Haribo Bears

Breyer Classic Haflinger, a Resin Bull Terrier that I did not have and the Breyer Stablemate Farm set. 

Lemon Ginger Tea, Peppermint Tea, FortiFlora for Gabby, Tales of Beedle the Bard and a shipping set for my Classic Breyer. 

Here is a shot of the Bull Terrier - it is SO cute.

And here is the Classic Haflinger. 

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Secret Santa Part 1

I am in 3 Model Horse groups and at first I wasn't sure I would be able to participate in anything this holiday season but I was able too. I managed to get my Secret Santa's some good stuff and I received some really good things!

First one I received was from my Only Model Horses Secret Santa - Deidre.

It was a very nice pile of presents.

With some really great horse wrapping paper! 

There was a bag for Gabby.

It contained toys a blind kitty can hear and play with. 
She did for a few minutes. 

There was a WONDERFUL horse blanket. 

And this candle makes my whole cabin smell like fresh baked sugar cookies. 

There was coca mix, a bag of various chocolate, Winter Oreos, a Horse sticker and Peppermint Bark Shower gel!

And still more: a Watch, a necklace, a horse scarf, horse socks, Flavored Chapstick, a Snowman Ornament and the Breyer 2015 Stirrup horse Ornament. 

Upclose of the stirrup Ornament.

I am so grateful for such a wonderful Secret Santa!! This was absolutely AWESOME! 

I will post from my other Secret Santa's later on!