Friday, January 20, 2023

YMCA Origami Class


This was the first Y class that I went to this year (2023). It was Thursday, January 19. The others I wanted to go to but didn't, it was snowing or just to cold for me to want to do anything but go home. 

I have never done origami before and this was exciting for me. They also had some duct tape projects like making a duct tape flower and a wallet, but I was just wanting to learn the origami. 

They had directions for a heart, a crane, a frog, and one other one that I didn't get a chance to do or even get the directions for.

It was fun but you have to have the paper folded just right or it doesn't quite come out right. 

I did knick the directions for the duct tape crafts too. 

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Model Horse and Action Figure Monthly Art Challenge - January 2023


The theme is cats and kittens! I chose to do a 3-D printed cat that I had lying around. I decided to use only the colors in the Earth Pigments pallette that I had (see blog entry here.) 

The cat was done with a primer base of two coats of Gesso and then an acrylic base of tawny medium. 

I added the first layer of Burnt Sienna and sealed it with Rust-o-leum Satin Clear.

Then a second layer of burnt sienna earth pigments.

Then I added Red Ocher mixed with Yellow Ocher.

I put white acrylic markings on and then I did a new trick for me that I saw on Instagram. I mixed my earth pigments with water and I made the tabby markings, highlights, toe beans and nose. I used acrylics for the eyes and I finished this lovely fellow in Rust-o-leum Satin Clear.  

Friday, January 6, 2023

Mod Podge Painting tip for Safari, Papo, Collecta and Other Brand models


Have you ever had a Safari, Papo, Collecta or similar brand model that ended up sticky and tacky after you painted and sealed it? 

This is because of a chemical reaction between the type of material used to make the model and the paints or sealers. 

One thing that I learned from a collector and painter of My Little Pony Brand models, is to use Mod Podge after the final sealing. Mod Podge stops the chemical break down (not sure of the science) and leaves a glossy or matte finish on the model depending on the Mod Podge you use. 

You paint the Mod Podge on with a paint brush and let it dry (it dries quickly). Don't glop it on or it will leave blobs of white - just lightly brush it on and let it dry. You can do multiple layers. It will not take away from the paint job or anything. 

The two bottles of Mod Podge I have, have lasted me for several years. I have used them on many models - see some of the pictures below.