Friday, August 26, 2022

Longmire Days 2022 - Hell and Back


I was very excited for the 2022 Longmire Days when it was announced and made sure I requested the dates off from work. 

I have to say when it posted on July 9 that only Robert, Adam and Craig would be there - I was very frustrated at first too. I had hoped to see all of my favorite actors. It ended up that Adam would not be able to attend due to working and so it was Craig and Robert. 

There was a lot of ugliness going online about it. Which is sad. I was frustrated, but I have never seen so many people who were UGLY rude and nasty, especially to Jennifer, who is the event organizer. I was amazed that people that were supposed to be fans of this show were being absolute shits about it. It kind of reminded me of all the crappy Star Wars fans who claim they are fans but whine and bitch when things don't go the way they think they should. It's okay to be frustrated, it's not okay to make accusations and bring up stuff from 5-7 years ago and try to deter new fans from attending.

I shortened my stay due to getting a new job, as I had planned to be there almost two weeks around the event and could only drive up on the 18th and home on the 21st (part way) and finish it on Monday the 22nd the rest of the way). 

I stayed at the Mansion House Motel - I love that place and it is my go to every year. 

I drove up Thursday the 18th and got in around 4 pm. I missed several events - Thursday Horse Back ride, Lunch with Craig and Robert, The Hardware of Longmire and Historic Johnson County with Craig and Robert. I checked into the Motel and I relaxed a bit before I headed to meet up with the "Walnuts" at the Ox. 

Then I met up with Jennifer and did my Volunteer duty doing check-in at the Evening event - HELL AND BACK - Craig Johnson - A Longmire Novel Event. It was great - Craig read an exerpt from his latest book (to be released Sept 2022). 

Then it was time to crash and head to bed. 

Friday started out a BUSY day with the first Autograph session. I volunteered to do check-in again and it was well attended and EVERYONE behaved and didn't have to be entertained or yelled at to keep their seats and wait their turns like in previous years. Everyone was happy and chatting and it was awesome. 

Then Craig and his agent Gail did a lovely talk on Writing a Book. (I was doing check-in for that too). It was well attended and everyone was polite and attentive. 

Then it was onto the Conversations with Craig and Robert. Again, the audience was engaged and respectful and I was doing check-in (you see the pattern right)! HAHA

The evening ended with the Charity Auction at the Occidental Motel (aka the OX). I want to say there were like 25 items up for grabs and the bidding was well about my ability to bid. I am not sure of the grand total but people bid and bought and a fun time was had by all. I was checking people in for the bidding numbers and running tickets from the auctioneer to check out. 


The start of Saturday is always the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast. Being gluten free this year put a dent in the amount of pancakes I usually try to stuff in my face, but I still went, donated my $5 and had ham and juice. 

Then it was on to the Saturday Autograph Session. 

Vic Moretti Cosplayer Jen Kirby

The people were great taking their seats and waiting patiently, some up to 2 hours for autographs, without rushing Craig and Robert. They talked to each other and there was no drama from the attendees. It was one of the best autograph sessions I have ever worked. It was great not having to tell people 50 times to please sit down and wait their turns or deal with childish people cutting in line. This group of people was so well behaved and respectful. 

There was a large gap before the next event which involved hanging out with the Walnuts and others at Z-Bar and enjoying meeting new attendees and new fans. 

Then it was the Tale of Two Walts event - this sold roughly 700 tickets. As I have said, as someone who volunteered at Longmire Days several years, the audience attendees were some of the most respectful (I can't say this enough) and cooperative attendees ever. When the event was completed, they didn't try to rush the actors and get autographs. It was great to see a large group of people being well behaved and I heard from so many people how happy they were to attend their first year and it was great. 

The end of Saturday was the street dance. As always, you could catch Craig signing at the Bucking Buffalo and seeing everyone having a great time. 

I bailed early on that because I was exhausted. I also had to pack because I was out of my hotel on Sunday morning. 


I loaded my truck and said goodbye to the Mansion House for 2022. I headed out to the TA Ranch to attend the horseback ride. I was so happy to get this one ticket. I love doing the ride every year and this is my one ticket I try to get because I always enjoy it. 

Met several new attendees, had a nice breakfast and then headed out on the ride. My ride this year was a grey mare named Callie. She was a pleasant horse and I enjoyed her very much. After the ride was a nice lunch, and I am grateful that the TA Ranch served food that someone who can't have gluten could eat. It was great for me. It was followed by a cutting horse demostration. I was really impressed with this growing up around cutting horses as they used a mechanical calf on ropes. It was very well done and I enjoyed seeing the two good working mares they demonstrated.

I had been going to leave after the horseback ride and try to make the drive back to Estes Park on Sunday night. I made the decision that I would stay for the Volunteer reception, so I went and had a burger at the Busy Bee. 

The Volunteer Reception was another event that I can't say enough about how polite and respectful everyone was, and they all managed to get their time with Craig and Robert. Where in previous years it was like a feeding frenzy of people trying to get autographs and talk, this was laid back and everyone gave everyone else a chance and we all sat and talked to each other. It was absolutely cool. And Jennifer, the Foundation Director, is awesome and I hope she returns next year. She put on a great event, had great staff, and managed an event that had a lot of negativity going into it and made it awesome. Dannielle was an awesome Volunteer manager and the rest of the staff was capable and awesome to be with. I can't wait for 2023. 

Then I sadly had to leave Buffalo. I made it to Casper by 7 pm, got dinner at Red Lobster and my hotel by 830 pm where I crashed and then was up and leaving to head the remaining 4 hours back to Estes Park on Monday. 

I can't say enough how good this event was and how respectful people were. 2023 - I can't wait to see it. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Model Horse and Action Figure Monthly Art Challenge - July 2022

SUMMERTIME! WOO HOO! Let's see if I can get this one done and catch up the other ones! 
And I still didn't. I have been picking projects that are large and working a lot of hours at work and being far too exhausted to complete them. 

I hope to do a catch up blog of all the monthly challenge pieces and get back to completing them in a month's time and not 6 months time.