Friday, October 27, 2023

October 2023 Crafting Month

 I had hoped to do some crafting things in September at the Library or the YMCA. I did two, but not the level I wanted too. 

I did make a candle and soap at the YMCA craft classes they have for staff in the evenings. 

Pumpkin spice soap and Pumpkin spice candle

This month I have done classes at the Library and at the YMCA. 

I did a hand embroidery class at the YMCA - I didn't finish the project yet. It had some different stitches I haven't used before. 

I took a refresher on the Laser Cutter at the Library and created a prototype of a bookmark I want to do for my Patreon subscribers and those that purchase artwork from me. 

Laser Cut Bookmark

Then I went to the YMCA and did a DIY Realistic Looking Potted Plant craft. You were given a clay pot, foam core, fake plants and soil. The goal was to paint the pot however you wanted then too, them make the plants look realistic. It was fun to learn. 

Realistic Looking Fake Plant

Then it was back to the library and learning to do machine embroidery! I do embroidery without the machine, but this was a fun experience! 

I cancelled on a couple of classes I was going to do - wooden mushroom painting and a 3-D printer refresher because I was just too exhausted from work and wanted to curl up at home with a good book. 

So that brings me to my final fun thing for the month which was making a Harry Potter Wand at the YMCA. This was such a fun evening! 

Our wand "chose" us and then we decorated it. Hot glue, leather, wood, and paints while we watched Harry Potter movies. It was awesome.