Tuesday, July 3, 2018

2018 Wellness Program - Challenge 12 - Halfway Check In

So it's time for the Halfway check in on the Wellness Program. Today is July 3, 2018.

I have not lost any weight - I am still at 171.6.

Hips and Chest have gone from 43" to 42"

Waist has gone from 37" to 39" - this is because I have been fighting ovarian cysts since the 10th of June and these tend to cause bloating.

Thighs have gone from 23" to 22" (more defined then before so I think it's muscle tone and losing the inside the thigh fat)

Arms have gone from 13" to 14" (getting some muscle in my arms!! YEAH!!)

My blood pressure is 122/87 with a pulse of 82 today. This is one of the LOWEST reads I have had all year and I am WAY excited about this.

I wanted to me down to 150# by August 1 - that is not going to happen.

My other goals - Eat healthier, Exercise at least 30 minutes per day and find someone encouraging to help me on my journey - I have done and will continue to do. I now want to be down to my 150# goal by December 1, 2018.

The health issues with the Ovarian cysts has really messed me up. I am working on pain management and adding some supplements and things to my diet to see if I can naturally get rid of them along with the pain management from my doctor.

While it's not where I had hoped to be, I am still working on my goal.