Saturday, January 30, 2021

Monthly Model Painting Challenge - January 2021

 Model Monthly Painting Challenge - Facebook Group  

There was no December 2020 Monthly Challenge and 2021 there will be January, no February due to NaMoPaiMo and then start fully back in March 2021.

My NaMoPaiMo horse is going to be a fantasy horse in green Appaloosa so I am going to work on Appaloosas this month - making them look more realistic because I can't seem to get the whites right. 

I chose to do an Ertl foal and trying bay Appaloosa. I didn't get a picture of him when I started, but I did get a picture of him after I painted the base color (bay) and had the pictures of the colors I used. 

Then I started layering on white for the Appaloosa pattern. 

I am still not completely pleased with the results, But I am learning what I need to work on for my NaMoPaiMo Horse. 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Circle C Artist Challenge 2020 Results

 This was such a tough competition for me in the sense that I had huge life drama going on (namely East Troublesome and Cameron Peak Fires). 

Here are the results and I couldn't be happier!!! This is my first fully customizing piece where I actually cut into a model and did some drastic things in my book. Youth Division, Album Cover Division, Book Cover Division and the Overall. 

Thank you so much to the judges and to my fellow entrants!! 

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Favorite Artist Series - Model Horse Artist Sara Bean


Sara is a model horse artist that I met online on Deviantart. She did fun fantasy model horses and some really cool paintings on boxes, bowls, nesting dolls, sewing, and so much more. She has a really nifty Etsy shop. And her art page on Facebook has all the latest projects she's been working on - The Attic Studio

To look at her body of work, is to see talent in a ton of areas. These are some of my favorite pieces by Sara.

Breyer Classic - customized/finishwork by Sara

Breyer Stablemate- customized/finishwork by Sara

Breyer Classic - customized/finishwork by Sara

I had a few larger pieces but due to multiple moves and just life drama I had to sell them off. I do have 1 custom Micro Mini and a really cool eye necklace by Sara. 

Breyer Mini Whinnies - customized/finishwork by Sara

I hope to add some more models again, but she is no longer doing commissions due to some rather rude Etsy clients, so I just have to wait to see what she posts for sale and try to grab it before anyone else. 

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Favorite Artist Series - Artist Elly Pieper

Elly with actor Jason Isaacs 
I have known Elly from DeviantArt since about 2005 or 2006. I found her art while perusing Harry Potter works that I liked. I was amazed by her drawing talent, as well as beadwork and silver clay necklaces. 

We shared a love of the Harry Potter universe and have been online friends ever since. I have not had the chance to meet Elly in person, though I hope to one day.

You can see her extensive work on her DeviantArt page HERE. It is well worth going through her 1,000+ deviations to see the amazing ability she has in several mediums. 

Elly has even posted videos on how to do beadwork like she does that are very user friendly and make even me believe I might be able to make something nice (though I haven't tried it yet!). 

Here are some of my favorite works by Elly:

And here are a few items that I own by her. I keep hoping to be able to purchase another necklace and another bracelet. 

Elly is always working on a project and making something beautiful. Check out her work and enjoy!