Sunday, July 28, 2019

Longmire Days 2019

On December 19, 2018 the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce announced Longmire Days! With a Video by Craig Johnson!

Now the long wait begins until Volunteer, Sponsor and Ticket Information comes out! 

February 21 - Q&A and Tale of Two Walts tickets went on sale!

Rudi and I did manage to get the Q&A that we wanted - YEAH!!  Longmire Days is on the Buffalo, Wyoming website - HERE

I managed to get a horseback ride ticket too! - YEAH!! This is one of my favorite things every year. 

July 12 learned that my all time fave Longmire actor - Zahn McClarnon wasn't making it this year - that's a bummer.

On July 17, I headed down to Fort Collins and picked Rudi up at the Harmony Transfer Station. We drove through Fort Collins and up Hwy 287 into Laramie. From Laramie to Casper there was some beautiful scenery. 

Of course there was the obligatory horse picture from Casper  - because it's a horse statue and it's me :) 

We spent the night in Casper - and ate at La Cocina - I have to say this was the WORST Mexican restaurant I have ever eaten at. It was so spicy hot and anyone that knows me knows I love spicy. 

We drove into Buffalo early Thursday morning. We ran around for a bit and I traded an Estes Park Police Dept Patch with the Buffalo Police Dept. Their patch is very cool!

We ate lunch at the Busy Bee. Then we went to the Longmire Posse Fan Meet up and then the Chamber Volunteer Meeting. Thursday evening was just spent enjoying Buffalo for the night. 

Friday it was breakfast at the Busy Bee, then working the autograph session, then lunch at the Sagewood for their excellent seafood bisque, then the Q&A. 

Missed the ball game and the Occidental Jam because - sleep was definitely needed. 

Saturday morning was the annual Pancake Breakfast, then the Parade riding on the Longmire Posse float, the autograph signing and the Fan talent show.

The talent show was a blast - all the fan talent was great - and to hear A and Leslie Martinez sing and then John Bishop with Ren Farren and Devon Martinez was an added treat. 

Sunday was the horse ride at Paradise Guest Ranch and the Volunteer Party with the actors. 

Monday morning was breakfast and the Busy Bee and headed back to Colorado (and Texas for Rudi). 

As always it was a blast to see old friends and new and to talk to the actors and just have a great weekend in Buffalo. Can't wait for 2020!!