Sunday, April 9, 2023

Snow Mountain Ranch Trip April 2023


This was a mix of a work trip and a vacation. Since I do reservations for Estes Park and Snow Mountain, I had to come over to SMR to see the lay of the land. I was supposed to come in February, but had some issues that I couldn't make it so came now.

I have to admit, I wasn't excited about this trip. I was coming to a place I didn't know and was traveling by myself, so I wasn't all that thrilled. After working my front desk shift at EPPD,  I left Estes Park around 1:15 pm. I drove up through Allenspark. I always have to try to get pictures of the church there because its so photogenic. It didn't disappoint. 

I then drove through Ward, Nederland, Black Hawk and Central City, before getting to Idaho Springs and getting on I-70. Then I took 40 to Empire, Berthoud Falls and up the twistiest road ever - the curves on this road put Trail Ridge Road to shame - and I swear the pot holes were trying to eat Buttercup (the yellow Ford Ranger). The through Fraser and Tabernash to Snow Mountain Ranch. 

I was staying in Indian Peaks lodge. This lodge is great - 2 queen beds and a queen sleeper, and I was on the second floor and had a balcony (lower floors have a porch). And it had BEAUTIFUL views! 

In the entrance hall was a lovely fire place. And then the room was awesome. 

And the views from the balcony.

Saturday morning I went to Grand Lake to see it in the snow because I always see it in summer. Didn't go to the Park, because my pass was expired and I couldn't get a new one until payday, but Grand Lake was pretty in the snow. The lake was unrecognisable as a lake! 

The only activites going on at SMR were skiing and due to an old knee injury, I don't ski - down hill or cross country. The dog sledding was closed or I would have signed up for that and the sleigh ride. 

I do want to come back in the summer and go horse back riding and hiking. And I want to come back in the winter and do the dog sledding and the winter horse ride and the winter sleigh ride. 

When I got up this morning - it was cold and snowy and beautiful. 

Got on the road - I have to say the pot holes were WORSE. Stopped at a gas station in Central City and found out my CC had been run to $0. I am pretty sure that a gas station in Granby is where it happened, because supposedly the girl couldn't get it to work. Now I have to follow up and try to get my $$ back. 

That was the only suck of my weekend. Buttercup did well and got some great gas mileage. And it was nice to see the other property.