Thursday, June 2, 2022

Indian Paintbrush Live Model Horse Show - May 2022


YEAH for model horse shows!! I am so excited to attend my first one since September of 2019. 

Indian Paintbrush Live was held in Cheyenne, Wyoming and hosted by Anna Miller. Held May 21, 2022 at LCCC Pathfinder Building. There were 29 entrants from five different states, not including Wyoming. 

I was working off an old classlist, so I left a lot of show horses at home sadly. I did get Buttercup the Yellow Ford Ranger loaded pretty well. 

The weather was snowy and icy and rainy in Estes Park when I left on Friday afternoon. The drive down Big Thompson Canyon (Hwy 34) was slow, but when I reached Fort Collins it started to clear and then by Cheyenne, it was very nice out. 

I stayed at the Days Inn. It was an interesting hotel room on the BASEMENT level floor. Nothing like looking out of my truck at the undercarriage. It was clean and had no carpet which I liked because I hate carpet, but just a little weird. 

I ws up early the next morning so that I could drive over to the show hall. I was very early but talked to my mom while I waited for it to open. 

Once the show hall opened up, I brought in my models and we started the day!

I want to thank all of the judges for a great day! 

OF Breyer: Fabian Tashúnke Ska
OF Peter Stone: Alex Aarons
OF Mini: Courtney Sadar
OF China: Cheryl Ellison
Artist Resin: Anna Kerns
Custom Plastic: Dana D'Ippolito
Medallion: Heather Malone

And I wanted to share my best placings and a surprising championship. 

I can't wait for the next show! 

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