Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Monthly Model Horse Painting Challenge - May 2021


There was no April challenge posted. This month's challenge has to do with Mothers in celebration of Mother's Day!! 

I decided to be adventurous and do a medallion for my mom. Using a gift shadow box from a friend - I painted the friendship Medallion by Ashley Stollberg of Ashley's Equine Artistry to my mom with her 1/2 Morgan 1/2 Quarter Horse gelding Pat. Pat was my mom's favorite horse besides her miniature William and I just had to do this gift for her! 

I learned to ride at about 1 year old on Pat and he was great with children and ornery with adults. 

Photo by Ashley Stollberg

My mom's gelding Pat

I used pastels and earth pigments as well as acrylics. The background is a Kansas sunset photo with the words "And God took a bit of Southerly wind and created the horse." 

The final piece looked so good to me. And I shipped it to my mom - she loved it. 

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