Friday, June 14, 2024

Jurassic Classic Live Model Horse Show June 2024


June 1, 2024 in Cheyenne, Wyoming

I spent most of the day of April 27th organizing my WHO AM I SHOWING LIST! I got it done and am pleased that I can add models here and there. 

In May I managed to complete several models to show. 

I drove up on the night of May 31 to Cheyenne. It was nice to relax before the show. I managed to get a great hotel room for less than $105. Always a plus. 

Saturday morning I was awake WAY to early and to the show site WAY to early, because I FINALLY read that it was at a different venue that other shows I had gone to in Cheyenne.

The venue was very good and got set up. Even with a limited show string my table was exploding with models. 

I was showing in the OF Mini Division, the Custom division, and the Artist Resin (AR) division, and I was judging the Youth Division. 

My Youth Division showers had a lot of great models. Some classes were small, others had a lot more in them. They were enthusiastic and a lot of fun. I hope they learned a lot and had fun as well. 

Here are some of my placings from the show. 

Original Finish Mini:

I stopped showing in the OF Mini Division because I was just running myself ragged and I concentrated on the CM and AR divisions after that. Here are my CM and AR placings. 

I can't wait for the next show! Thank you to all the judges and the Anna's for being the show holders. 

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