Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Little Rider Doll Making Challenge March 2021 - A Failed Attempt


The Little Rider Doll Making Challenge invites model horse hobbyists of all abilities to create a rider, driver or handler during the month of June. The project can be of any scale. 

 There are no prizes. Your completed rider of handler is your reward. 

Make it FUN and be kind and helpful.  Nothing is more discouraging than negative criticism. This is a safe place. Everyone starts somewhere! There are NO dumb questions.
1) Decide on your project
2) Post a pic in the "Project Album" and make a statement about what you are doing
3) when done, place a photo of your finished work in the "I did it" album.

I am doing 2 Stablemate 1:32 scale dolls - the male will be a judge and holding a clipboard and the female I hope to make into Ahsoka Tano! 

And as of March 15, 2021 I have been putting off working on these because I am having an ADHD moment of they will never be good enough. 

I never completed my Little Rider Doll challenge - I did get the judge's arm's moved but that is about all I did. 

I think I psyched myself out and made this challenge far more challenging than it really was. I got into my head and really stressed myself out to the point I couldn't look at the two dolls and complete them. 

I think instead of letting myself just go with the experience - I was watching all of the other challengers actually making clothes and doing other things and I let myself listen to that nasty voice in my head that tells me that I am not doing the right thing. 

There was no rules about dressing dolls, but just completing one. I will post another blog when I complete them and I will try again next time, because I do want to complete one in a month's time under the challenge criteria. 

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