Saturday, April 17, 2021

Favorite Artist Series - Model Animal Artist Karla Zdroik


Karla is a talented artist and sculptor. She does some of the most amazing animal sculptures, as well as customizing model dogs, cats, horses, etc. and painting animals as well.

I have known Karla for several years online, but have never met her in person - again, one of those artists I hope to meet someday. 

Here are some of her amazing pieces: 

The dog was made from this cat figurine! 

This is sculpted on a ROCK!

I have managed to get several pieces from Karla over the years, and I love all of them. 

My favorite of course being the sculpture she did of my beloved HEARTCREST SEMINOLE WIND (aka Bria)

I have several other dogs and goodies too: 

You can check out her artwork at:  

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