Monday, April 5, 2021

Favorite Artist Series - Model Horse Artist Shauna McDaniel


Shauna McDaniel runs Epic Fail Studios - aka Glittertastophes by that Canadian. Like Sara Gifford, she is one of the most amazing fantasy artists. 

While I have not met her in person, I have chatted to her online for some time now. She is very helpful and supportive, as well as talented. She is always willing to share her insights on customizing  and help a person out with hints, compliments, sarcasm and humor. This earned her a NaMoPaiMo Champion of the Day in February 2021. 

Her fantasy models have some of the most vibrant and wonderful customizing and colors. 

Breyer SM ASB, Abbey Inc wings and finish work by Shauna

Carla Baker? Medallion - finishwork by Shauna

Breyer Classic Draft - finishwork by Shauna

Kitty Cantrell Resin - finishwork by Shauna

Kylee Parks medallion - finishwork by Shauna

Kitty Cantrell Resin - finishwork by Shauna

I did own a piece by Shauna, but sadly had to sell it due to life circumstances a couple of years ago. I hope to be able to commission her one of these days for another piece. Check out her page and enjoy the fun things she "fails" at doing!

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