Sunday, February 9, 2020

NaMoPaiMo Minis Painting Minis

This fun side event of NaMoPaiMo is where our action figures paint their own NaMoPaiMo horses. 

Started by Lynne Penner and approved by Jennifer Buxton, this event goes along with NaMo. 

Hello all from DJ and Johnny (and some of their friends)!
After speaking to the lovely Jennifer Bray Buxton , it has been decided that #TeamMinisPaintingMinis can officially be a division of National Model Horse Painting Month, which leaves me absolutely stunned. But my two WWE “mega celebrities”, as they call themselves (humble, much?) say they aren’t surprised at all. It was only just a matter of time, they say. Sure…
In any case, if you would like to sign up for Team Minis Painting Minis, please fill out the google survey below, providing me with the name of your action figure (they’re not toys!! Lol), your name, your address, and what idea your action figure has for their painting project(s). The deadline for registrations is next Wednesday, February 5th.
Address is not mandatory, but it is my intention to send everyone who finishes their project a little token of accomplishment. And the absolutely amazing Maggie Jenner-Bennett is also going to be donating some prizes fit for an action figure’s stature! These will be given out at random to those who complete their projects, much the same as NaMoPaiMo. 
I am absolutely humbled by how many people also seem to love their actions figures. I was just having some silly fun with a couple of mine, and now I’m so stoked for next month for TWO projects instead of one!
Also, totally expect a selfie collage for them as well! 

I signed up BB8 and then of course Jareth the Goblin King wanted to join in too. 

February 1 started the day - Jareth and BB8 were busy. 


Jareth was able to get his model prepped and a layer started. Don't ask me how he paints with a crystal and not a brush! 

BB8 had a cheering section from R2-D2 and D-0. His model is prepped and a layer of white starry acrylic added. 

BB8 has been working hard on his horse while R2-D2 entertained D-0 with Jareth's stolen mask!! 

Jareth has also been very busy on his horse. He hasn't seen that R2 stole the mask yet. 

Jareth finished his horse rather quickly and it turned out very nice. 

BB8 had a cheering section but they tended to do less cheering and more annoying I think. I did notice R2 no longer had Jareth's mask. 

D-0 decided to eat Mod Podge that BB8 was sealing his horse with. 

BB8's horse is completed now and looks very nice. 

This was a fun part of NaMoPaiMo and I am glad I decided to participate with Jareth and BB8 - I hope this happens in 2021 too! 

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