Saturday, December 4, 2021

International Customizing Equine Event 2021


The idea of this event is to motivate artists and non-artists if all skill levels to challenge themselves in a supportive community to customize a model in 2 months, October AND November (61 days).

This is to tie in with Jennifer Bray Buxton’s NaMoPaiMo (National Model Painting Month), so that all customizing and prepping has been completed by February 1 and then continue on to  National Tack Month (April) for a Triple Crown in modeling.

Project model must be 50% or more horse "body". Completed model is to be equine, other Equids (mule, donkey, zebra, etc.) or equine-like (unicorn, pegasus, hippocampus, seahorse, centaur and other mythical or fantasy horse-like creature).

Only 3-D models will be included in the project model category.

However, ICEE encourages participants to also complete any number of 2-D and non-equine projects for the "I Also Made This!" category they wish within the 2 month period of the Event.

For 2021, I decided to do one of my favorite Stablemate molds as a horse from the Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker movies - an Orbak!! 

This requires me to do a TON of sculpting!! Then Paint it for NAMOPAIMO in February 2022 and make the tack for it in April 2022!! 

Right after I joined the ICEE for 2021, my step dad passed away, I spent a few days with my mom and then I came home, worked a ton of hours at my old job and I interviewed about a new job, got that job and have been in training since 11/1/21. 

Finally, in November, I I was able to start working on this fellow. 

Well, it's November 28, 2021 and I haven't gotten any farther on my sculpting - I was ill and in the hospital and I have been working a ton of hours. I am just exhausted and not artistic at the moment. This is not a failure, just a set back. I still hope to complete him before the end of they year. 

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