Monday, March 15, 2021

Monthly Model Horse Painting Challenge - March 2021

MARCH theme‼️ 

Paint a model that has a single or double dilution: Buckskin, palomino, Smokey black, cremello, perlino, smoky cream. OR if deco is more your style, paint your model pastel colors. Any medium as long as you use the pastel version of a color(pastel pink, pastel green, pastel blue, etc)


I chose to do a Breyer SM Driving Horse (trotting warmblood?) that had sculpting work by Heather Kapica and make her palomino.

I was painting her and she was doing so well. Then I went to seal her and she popped off her base and landed in the dirt 😭

So she went into a bath of Pine-Sol and I chose a different horse because I was frustrated with her. 

This horse gave me problems too - the pan pastels and sealer lifted on his chest, but I managed to fix them. He turned out okay I think. 

So another monthly challenge down! 

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