Monday, February 27, 2023

Model Horse and Action Figure Monthly Art Challenge - February 2023

 This monthly challenge was hard for me in several ways. First, I love dogs and I started on a project that was dear to me. I was working on a Belgian Malinois that was to look like a friend's police dog that passed in 2022. 

It was both exciting and sad to work on this project. Exciting because of working on a 3-D printer piece, sad because of the trying to make the dog, but not sure if it would be well received. 

I worked on him more today and I ended up a little darker than my reference, but I am still liking how he is turning out. I will probably end up keeping this one, and getting another dog to do as my friend's as I now understand where I went wrong and I don't want to strip this one. 

And finally - I finished him today (Feb 27)! Yeah! He has been approved by the person I created him for and I am posting him! 

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