Saturday, February 25, 2023

NaMoPaiMo's International Model Horse Painting Party 2023



There are some changes this year to the NaMoPaiMo we know and love. 

I decided to do a Collecta TWH. I sanded him and then painted the model in the ModPodge as a test to see if applying it prior to painting would help stop sweating like applying it afterward does.

"The theme of this year's Painting Party is You Do You. If you want to go old school and paint one model from start to finish, that's great. If you'd rather finish last year's project, that's fine, too. What if you have a camel resin you'd like to work on? Well, the name of this event is International Model Horse Painting Party, but you do you. If a camel makes you happy, by all means paint the camel."

As I was doing this challenge this year, I was having a lot of issues. Check out my blog HERE

Me with my project in gray primer above and below is the progress shots

There was a lot of stopping and starting on this horse, but he is done and done under the deadline of February 28! I am so happy!

Photos with green background were taken outdoors and the barn scene photos were taken indoors. 

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