Wednesday, March 2, 2022

NaMoPaiMo - National Model Painting Month - Minis Painting Minis 2022

 It's NaMoPaiMo MinisPaintingMinis Edition 2022

This year BB-8 and BB-9e decided to partake. They are both painting Micro Mini Hambletonians from Breyer. 

D-O, Mouse Droid and Polle Porg are just along for support. They got their models primered and everything was ready to go on January 31. 

Pictured with my NaMo Horse and a horse from another challenge. 

On February 5, the droids were getting the first layers on their models. 

This was a picture from February 12, the droids continued to work on their projects and wanted to show off their model collection. 

The droids were pleased to make it into the official #MinisPaintingMinis photo. 

They worked hard on their models. 

And they completed their models on time! 

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