Monday, October 31, 2022

Treasure Tables 2022 Art Sale

I walked through this event last year as my friend Deb had a booth. I took the plung this year and decided that I would attend as a vendor. 

Then I changed jobs and was struggling all summer with making things for the event as well as find coverage for me to go to the event AFTER I had already paid for it. What ended up happening is I left that job and took a job that I worked Sun-Thurs 8-5 and that helped a TON! I was able to complete a lot more things working those hours. 

I have to say I was also very shocked to see several of my items used in advertising. I sent some photos over, but they were all used! 

 I am so excited to see if I sell things from this - that is awesome! 

The night before I set up and then Saturday morning I redid my table a little bit. Throughout the day, I had several lookers but only 5 takers :( Several of the other vendors said it was slow for them. Only a few really had really good sales. 

It was a fun experience and I might try it next year. 

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