Saturday, November 12, 2022

Making Laser Engraved Wax Seals


Today was a day of stepping out of my comfort zone. It started on November 7 with going to a Get Published class with Deborah Bouziden. 

Besides the Universal Class that the library has, and I have done several classes already, the Estes Valley Library has a Maker Space - this has computers, 3-D printers and so much more. I have signed up for a ton of classes. 

Today was making a Laser Engraved Wax Seal. 

First of all a design was needed. I used my Elk Star Ranch logo. 

I then had to take the pink color out and rotate the image to face backwards. It was then loaded and fixed into Adobe Illustrator. Once that was done, it was sent to the laser printer at the Library. 

It was very cool to see it and to see the outcome. 

Then I superglued it onto the handle. 

I did a test print and it looks alright. 

This was a cool experience and I am excited to use my Wax Seal. I am also very excited to try this again with some other things to use for stamps. I have somet other classes coming up in December and I am very excited for those. I plan on doing some blogs on those. 

Check out your local libraries to see if they have fun classes like these! It just takes a library card. 

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