Saturday, December 8, 2018

2018 Wellness Program - Challenge 19 and Other Wellness Activities

Final Check In before turning in Program book on December 13, 2018, plus other wellness things I have done!

Challenge 19: Final Check in!

1) Any suggestions or recommendations - More than 24 hours notice on events (i:e: challenge 4), more events that are easier for night shift to attend since we sleep during the day and making events on like a Tuesday or Wednesday night so those that work Thursday and Friday nights can attend.

2)What was your favorite wellness activity of the year? The hiking challenge

3) What is your greatest take away or accomplishment of the year? That I can actually accomplish something like this, follow it through and complete it!

Other Wellness activities

1) I have blogged my wellness journey on my blog

2) I kept track of my daily exercise on a chart in Word. I was hoping to turn it in with the wellness book but it was deleted off my thumb drive by accident in November. 

3) 04-23-2018 - Massage at Affinity spa because the mind and body need it. After EPMC had a day where you could come in and get the shoulder massage, I decided to take a look at full body massage. Scheduled one for Monday April 23, 2018. This was great for relieving stress.

4) 04/24/2018 - Got a facial because the face needs a special treatment every now and then. It was great information and feeling that the first thing people see is a healthy face. 

5) 05/24/2018 - Knots Out Reflexology and massage. 1/2 hour appointment that was for reflexology and light massage. This was fascinating to know that areas on the foot can affect your entire body. 

6) 07/29/2018 - Horseback Riding - Jackson Stables, Estes Park CO - 3 hour Mill Creek ride


7) 08/12/2018 - Horseback Riding - Paradise Guest Ranch - Buffalo, WY - 3 hour ride


That was all of the other fun things I did for 2018. I hope to do so much more in 2019! 

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