Friday, December 30, 2022

Overwhelming not Failing at Art

I was frustrated this year (2022) because I couldn't seem to complete the monthly challenges I was trying to do and I kept thinking I was failing. Then I realized - I wasn't failing, I have given myself 30 days to do really tough and overwhelming projects that I have never tried before. 

Instead of going to my easy go-to paint jobs that I always do for monthly challenges, I was choosing really hard projects for myself, but I wasn't accomplishing them due to the fact I left my 7-4 M-F job in April and took on a retail job that had me working 50+ hours a week, plus my volunteering. 

I was unable to complete my April Earth Day design, my April Tack month, May Celebrating Moms, June Celebrating Dads, July Summertime, August Cats and Dogs. I was so angry with myself. Then I realized something, I was trying to do major projects around working and volunteering so much. 

I finally completed my May Celebrating Moms on September 1, 2022. They were the Kitty Cantrell Mini Pegasus Mare and foal - I followed Stephanie Blaylock's painting techniques and did them. They were the most detailed work I have ever done I think and I am pleased with them. So I didn't fail - I just got delayed. 

I then completed my April Earth Day Challenge Piece. It was a Buffalo head that I did some rescultping on and painted to look like it was coming from the water and earth. I had started this piece in April and I couldn't figure out how I wanted to show the earth and then finally in September, when I had a moment, it came to me and I managed to finish it in a day and a half! 

I then managed to complete my August Challenge of Cats & Dogs with my Cheshire Cat - this resin cat reminded me of the Cheshire Cat. I had him finished but not his prop, so I didn't think it was complete until that was done. Here he is  - completed on September 24 with his mushroom. 

My September Theme for Autumnal Equinox was completed on October 12 as I was still struggling with being behind and I had to order special items for it, then again the job I was working made it difficult to have time to do things. 

My June Theme was Celebrating Dads and I totally overwhelmed myself with sculpting and doing both Takeshi and Toshi! Completed November 11, 2022. 

My July - Summertime challenge - I never came up with anything that I wanted to do. I had ideas and I never even pulled out a model to move forward with it. And it's alright that I missed one. 

I am glad for the journey and the learning and now I am working on things each month. I completed my October challenge in the month of October and my November Challenge in November! So I am getting there! I found that I just didn't want to slap something together, I wanted to do better work too. And with my December challenge now complete - I just know that I have been overwhelming myself and I have to pick and plan a little better. I have to set time aside to do art work and to enjoy the process, but I can do it. 

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